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Warrior Dash Maryland: The Mud Pics!

We have Warrior Dash mud pictures! Suze is pretty awesome and she already got our photos developed from our disposable cameras. They came out pretty well!

Before the race - Go Team Sesame Street!

Photo Op in the middle of a mud pit

Danger! Enough said...

Hey there barbed wire. I actually went around most of these because I was scared to lose a shoe.

Hanging out on the net.

I look weirdly graceful here. I'm actually trying not to fall on my face.

We clearly took this race seriously, like real warriors would! 🙂

In all of my muddy glory! So awesome!

The mud… well we’re still not sure it was all mud. The squishy factor leads us to believe there may have been a fertilizer type component mixed in. But the pictures are great and we had fun.



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Back to Blogging, Exercise and Sanity

I’m alive!  I survived two really long work weeks but I’m back and ready to get back to normal life!

If I was a puppy, this is how I'd be celebrating!

I have had zero seconds to exercise and the stress of the last two weeks has made me so tired.  I actually have an exercise plan for this week and this makes me so happy!

  • Saturday 5/21: 2 miles to loosen my legs back up and remember how to breathe.
  • Sunday 5/22: WARRIOR DASH with Suze!
  • Monday 5/23: Rest/Sports Massage
  • Tuesday 5/24: Group trail run with the NorthFace Endurance Marathon Relay Group
  • Wednesday 5/25: Test out the Pacers distance run (eeep. Nervous!)
  • Thursday 5/26: Cross train: Bike, Stairs, Weights
  • Friday 5/27: Rest
  • Saturday 5/28: Yoga

Whew, that will be a busy but great week 🙂

About a week ago, Angela the super sweet blogger at My Pinky Toes, tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award! Clearly this must be based on my running style and not my rest of life style because I put more effort into getting ready for a run than I do for work.  Shh, don’t tell my boss.

The rules:

1. Say seven things about yourself.  2. Pass on to other bloggers. 3. Contact them and let them know you have done so.

Since I usually talk only exercise here, I thought I’d switch it up and post 7 total not athletic facts:

  1. I’ve recently become a total ice cream junkie. I could eat it every night. To keep myself from eating too much I buy the teeny tiny individual serving size Ben & Jerry’s even though there’s so much packaging – they’re terrible for the environment!
  2. I’m equally addicted to my iPhone.  I take it everywhere and always have it out.  It’s not like I have a terribly interesting life, I just feel like I always need to be connected.
  3. My dog Fin is the cutest dog ever. No really. Look at him.  He’s a Toy Fox Terrier and he’s the definition of  a lap dog. He always has to be touching me.  I find it totally endearing, the boyfriend does not feel the same way 😉  Fin will be 4 in June. I can’t believe how fast time flies!
  4. Taylor Swift is my absolute favorite singer/celebrity. I know that’s probably not cool but I just completely admire how down to earth and authentic she is.  I’m going to both shows in DC in August. If you ever want to see me in total freak out mode, ask me about the Taylor Swift concert last year – particularly the part where I got so excited that I might have yelled loudly and ruined a child’s flip video of the show.
  5. I’m crazy for the Washington Nationals pseudo-mascot Teddy Roosevelt. Every time I go to a game I chase him around trying to get a picture. I succeed about 25% of the time and it’s worth it.  Let Teddy Win!!
  6. I had a bed time until I graduated high school.  Apparently this isn’t normal… I have just always liked sleeping.
  7. I am really easy to distract. It look me so long to put this list together.

I am not going to tag any specific bloggers but anyone who wants to do it is welcome! I love to learn new things about everyone.

Have a great weekend!


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