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A Run Without Unicorns and Sunshine

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a truly bad run – ever since I started running with Pacers it’s been all happy all the time, even on the tough runs.  But last night’s hill workout was just brutal.  No unicorns or sunshine to be found… actually, there was plenty of sunshine but absolutely no unicorns.

Notice: The Custis Trail happy unicorns have gone missing.

We ran from W&L over to the Custis trail mile 1 for warm up and then had 4×1 mile hill repeats scheduled. About half way through the first one my heart rate went crazy insanely high for the first time in a long time and I went completely mental about it.

  • WTF why did I skip my step back run last weekend? This is clearly punishment for  being lazy last week.
  • Signing up for the Baltimore Half was such a bad idea. I’m never going to be able to do Baltimore if I feel this crappy tonight.
  • Speaking of things I can’t do, I’m sure I won’t be able to run well at VA Beach either.
  • Omggggggg. I’m going to pass out if I try to do any more of these I need to stop.

Can you spot the only sane thought in that list? That would be the decision to stop this workout. So after mile one, when everyone else ran back I just jogged and walked.  And wah-wah-wahed the whole time about what a whiner I was being even though my heart was beating so fast I could feel it in my eyeballs.  When I got back to the mile 1 marker I told Zac that my heart was going to blow up and I needed to skip the next repeats. I think I scared the poor guy when I casually mentioned it was over 200.  Whoops.

Today, I feel much better and I’ve decided to just put last night behind me and have a good rest of the week.  My medicine was slightly changed last week – I get to take less because I’m looking nice and healthy – so I’m hoping last night was just a blip on the radar as I adjusted.  I still have almost a month until VA Beach and I know I will get 3 more quality long runs in and those will ease a lot of my worries.  As far as Baltimore goes… I think I need some more hill workouts added into my life but I have plenty of plans on how to incorporate them and plenty of time.

So bring it on Wednesday track work – you’re going to feel easy after last night.



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Training Week 7 Recap

I feel like I’m perpetually late on my blog posting.  Last Wednesday, I finally shook the cold of death enough to go back to the track and get back to my half marathon training.

Good by sick week!

I probably shouldn’t have just jumped right back into my training plan, exactly as written, but I did. I’m a little more sore than normal but nothing feels more than achy.  You know you haven’t run in awhile when a 3 mile track workout leaves your legs feeling like dead weights for a few days.

Friday I did a quick 2 miler before work, and before the serious heat started. I’m glad I woke up at 6 because by 3pm it was 102 degrees, felt like 121 degrees with 46% humidity. I’ve found a “new” route around my neighborhood that’s different from the one that I used to run all the time and I’m really digging it. It’s short but can easily be switched up for longer distances.  Plus it starts with a little up hill and, weirdly, that’s kind of a nice way to get my legs moving right away.

This is how I had to hydrate for 2 miles in the heatwave. A little ridiculous.

I stretched out with some yoga on Saturday to get my legs ready for my first long run in two weeks.  Sadly, my usually awesome yoga instructor was kind of out of her mind and class was tedious and not fun… but I guess it did the job because my legs felt pretty good after.

Sunday’s long run was moved to the ungodly time of 6:30 a.m. to try to beat out the worst of the day’s heat.  The start time was definitely a little more tolerable because Victoria joined us! The miles definitely went by quickly as we chatted.  By about 7:15 we were really happy that we started at 6:30 because it was already starting to get HOT.  I know, I know… all the heat wave talk is getting old but it’s so hard for me to understand how it can be so hot while it’s so early! I went out thinking I had 7 miles on the schedule and decided to cut it to just over 6 because my legs were tired but it turned out that only 6 was scheduled so it was perfect! Coach Bridget brought watermelon for the finish area and it was such a nice end to a really hot, humid run. I think watermelon is going to have a permanent post long run fixture for me.

Now I’m starting week 8 of my training. I can’t believe it. Virginia Beach is getting so close! I am actually really excited for my upcoming 8 miler and I guess that’s a good sign.  It will be my longest run without a walk break (so long as it goes well) by about 2 miles and I’m happy I’m at a point where that’s more exciting than scary.

How are you handling your training in the summer months?


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Wordless Wednesday Natalie Dee Style: Heat Wave Edition


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Washington, DC or a Rain Forest?

It is officially summer in Washington, DC.  As usual, we kind of skipped the whole spring thing.  Less than two weeks ago, I was putting on a light jacket at night when it was time to walk the pup.  The current “feels like” temperature is 98.

Yesterday morning I tried to beat the heat by heading out for my run at 9 am.  I beat the heat but the humidity clubbed me over the head and dragged me at a slightly-faster-than-walking pace.  It was like wearing a wet blanket.

I know I was running here...

But it felt like I was running here

Actual photo of me on my Sunday morning run.

I made it through about 3 miles and ended up walking the last mile home.  Apparently, I can’t just wake up and go for a run in this kind of heat and humidity. I’m going to have to plan much better for fueling.  I normally have really salty sweat but yesterday I sweat so much I felt like I ran out of sweat.  I guess maybe I can try mixing some Gatorade with my water or eating a few Chomps or Stingers while I get ready. I definitely can’t go out on empty and just power through when I’m exerting so much extra energy to move through the heavier air.  On the bright side, I was moving so slowly that my heart rate stayed super low.  So… there’s one bright point!

How do you prepare to run in high heat or humidity? I’d love some suggestions of ways to feel less beat up by the summer weather.


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Words on Wednesday (still featuring Natalie Dee)

I’ve been a terrible blogger this week. Work has been super busy, I went to visit my parents over the weekend and their internet was broken, and did I mention work has been really busy?  I’ve been a super cranky face so I’ve tried to abide by the whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” strategy.

I have managed to get two pretty quality workouts in since the last time I blogged.  The first was a trip to the gym with my mom where I did my first brick, though not on purpose.  We were on the bikes for 25 minutes and then decided to hop on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Whew, were my legs ever tired after that run but it was a great workout.

Monday night I decided to go for a run since the weather was nice.  I haven’t been outside on a run in over a week because the heart doctor had me on “no exercise at all” orders.  It was like I’d never run at all. I forgot my sunglasses and my shin sleeves.  And apparently for the first time in my life I was overhydrated because I had water sloshing around my stomach the whole time.  But I got out and ran some hills and I was so happy.

Now I’m stuck at work super late today/tomorrow.  I hope I can squeeze in some kind of exercise tomorrow or Friday.

I hope everyone is having a good week or at least a less sucky week than I am.


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I was doing pretty well this allergy season, I’ve experienced fewer allergy symptoms than usual.  And then Wednesday afternoon rolled around.  I started to get a weird sinus headache/migraine thing and it didn’t go away until about 5 a.m. this morning.

Sneezy cat understands my pain...

So I haven’t really exercised much this week.  I went to boot camp on Monday and got eaten up by mosquitoes (already. How did this happen?!), took a pass on Tuesday’s class, planned to do a Jillian Michaels DVD on Wednesday night but felt too sick.  Here I am today, hoping to run the last Crystal City 5K but I don’t know if that’s going to happen since I’m still really queasy.  I really wanted to set another PR but I am pretty certain that’s not going to happen so I’m not sure if I want to go out there to walk the course. I must be feeling pretty bad to be thinking I’d rather stay home. I was starting to get upset about it this afternoon but then I remembered I’m not training for anything right now so this is a pretty good time to feel like crap. There are going to be a lot of other chances to break 5K PRs.  🙂

Good luck to everyone running races this weekend – especially Beth & Amy who are on their way to rock the Eugene Marathon.

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Thanks and Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I quickly wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone who commented on my When Can You Call Yourself a Runner post from earlier this week.  It was my highest traffic post by a lot – my blog had more traffic on Monday/Tuesday than it did the entire week before.

From L-R: Sunday-Thursday. Tuesday was my highest traffic day of all time! Please ignore my awful cropping skills, I cut the bottoms off the columns…and pretty much all relevant info. Sigh.

There were a ton of great, well thought out and respectful comments.  I’m really appreciative of everyone who took the time to write out their opinions.

This morning, I missed boot camp because I forgot to set my alarm.  It turned to be a good thing since it’s 40 degrees and raining today. Why is Mother Nature so cruel on Earth Day?! I was hoping to get in some exercise before work but was just running too late.  Thankfully I have a chance to make up for it by running the Crystal City 5K tonight, even though it’s still raining and cold. Since I know my finish pic tonight will be horrible, I’ll leave you all with my super hot awesome picture from last week:

Yay, I finally got over my fear of tripping over the timing mat and took a good finish line pic!

Yes, I really just used the words “super hot awesome” to describe myself in that picture.  I love it.

I hope everyone running tonight stays dry! Have a great weekend 🙂


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