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August Training Recap and Looking Ahead to September

It’s September and my first half marathon is really soon..this weekend soon. I’m kind of freaking out.  I felt like I hardly trained at all in August but I actually ran 2 miles less than my highest mileage month, so I guess my concept of what’s considered a lot of running has changed a little. Looking past my nerves, it seems like August was a pretty good month for me.

I registered for a lot of races.  I kick off with Virginia Beach on Sunday and have a handful of races, including the Baltimore Half Marathon, before I wrap up with the Hot Chocolate 15K.

Even though I’m happy with my training, I decided to ditch my time goal for Virginia Beach and I’ve been much happier since I took that pressure off of myself.  A wise person once told me that if I am happy with my training then what does 2 minutes or 5 minutes or even 10 minutes matter on race day if I’m having a good time.  Ok, maybe that was my boyfriend.  He occasionally drops a bit of serious smartness and this was one of those times.

I was lucky enough to go to Philly for the Healthy Living Summit and I had such a blast meeting new friends.

Love. Love. Love.

The day after I got back, I got my very first sports massage.  It hurt but not nearly as much as I expected. Foam rolling is good for your muscles AND it raises your acceptable pain threshold like whoa. The woman massaging me was kind of freaked out that I didn’t even flinch as she elbow dropped my IT bands.

I’ve been foam rolling resting like crazy this week and have been losing my mind a little (see this crazy dream about Lil Wayne and this post about my thoughts on pants). I’m pretty sure I now understand the phrase taper madness.

I definitely learned a lot this month.  I’m excited for September – for my races, for fitness, for my blog (which is about to make the jump to self hosting!), and of course the next DC blogger meet up! Nothing but good things in September!


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Wordless Wednesday: HLS in Silly Photobooth Pictures

There was a photobooth at the HLS Cocktail Party last Friday night (cue Katy Perry song).

Jess, me, Allison

Jess, me, Allison

Jenny, Erin, Victoria, Me

Me, Jenny, Tina


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Who is this CarlyBananas Girl Anyway?

I had the pleasure of attending the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend in Philadelphia.  It was an awesome event and I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend and meet so many sweet, friendly and inspirational (I do not throw that word around lightly) bloggers.

I know that I met so many people that I’m having a hard time keeping track of who everyone is and what they blog about so I thought I’d take a cue from a few fabulous ladies and put together an All About CarlyBananas post.

What to write? What to write?

*waves* Hi. I’m Carly and I’m in love with running.  I’m pretty new to the sport but it’s become my very favorite hobby (unless sushi eating counts as a hobby. Then running is my second favorite).

I live right outside of Washington, DC. I love this city. There’s great history and there’s always something going on.   It also happens to be the second fittest city in the country! Seeing people out and about – running and biking and walking – was great motivation for me to start exercising!

On a morning run past the White House

I’ve been blogging about my experiences as a new runner and my training for my first half marathon since December.  I love running races. I feel like they give me something to work toward.  I’m so proud every time I’m able to run a new distance.  I may be a slowpoke but I enjoy what I’m doing.

For a little more background about me, here are my most read posts:

So welcome new readers! I look forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs in the next few days!

Have you ever attended a blogging conference? Were you at HLS?


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Three Things Thursday – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Edition

1) Virginia Beach Half Marathon:

The Good:  I got my bib number.  I’m #12332! Everything seems so real now! I don’t know if there’s online tracking available but if there is I’ll be sure to make good use of it.

The Bad: I’ve had a knot in my left IT band since Tuesday.  This barely qualifies as “bad” because I’ve been rolling the heck out of it (to the point of bruising my leg) and it’s already so much better.  To be extra safe, I skipped my track workout last night and booked a massage for Monday. I’m really thankful this happened 2.5 weeks prior to the race instead of the week before. Nothing is pulling and I know that an extra rest day or two won’t derail my training so I’m trying not to let this cause any stress.

The Ugly: This is my first half marathon and even though I’m not trying to be, I’m nervous!  I keep having dreams that I’ve been running for a long time and feel so good, but then I look at my watch and realize that either I’ve been running for 7 hours and the end is nowhere in sight  or I’ve went to the finish party before actually finishing the race.

2) Healthy Living Summit:


The Good:There’s so much good, I don’t even know what to write here! I’m beyond excited to meet up with some of my favorite blog and twitter friends for a weekend of fun in, what is now being dubbed, the City of Bloggerly Love.

The Bad: My packing skills are seriously lacking.

How do I have so much stuff to pack for a 2 day trip?!

The Ugly:

Rain, rain go away

I think the great company will more than make up for the bad weather – and really, I know I’m going to have a great weekend if the weather is the only thing that I’m less than excited about!

3) Shopping

The Good:The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11’s are out!  I blow through running shoes at an alarming rate and I’m looking forward to adding these into my rotation.

I shall call them fluffy and they will be mine.

The Bad: I have been shopping WAY too much lately. I’ve mentioned that I prefer to wear workout clothes to “regular” clothes but I didn’t realize how much I’m lacking in the regular clothes department until I started packing for HLS.  I’ve been buying a lot of clothes – like cocktail dresses (plural).

The Ugly: Of course I got more workout clothes too… I found a really cute jacket for winter that was on mega sale and I had to snag it.  But it’s totally unnecessary for right now when it’s so hot and humid.


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Wordless Wednesday: Philly Excitement!


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Three Things Thursday: Super Mega Awesome Day Edition

Today is shaping up to be an awesome day in a pretty big way!

Thanks winking puppy! I think I will!

Super Mega Awesome Thing 1: I had a doctor’s appointment today and I’m officially done taking my heart medicine!  The palpitations that were still bothering me a bit last month are pretty much gone – only bothering me about once a week – so there’s no need to continue with the medicine.  The doctor said it may be another month or two before they’re gone completely but things should be feeling much better from here on out.  Talk about a relief!  I also get to cut my thyroid medicine in half again and I don’t have to have blood drawn again until August.  While the doctor was super late (I used the table for stretching and yoga while I waited haha), I totally forgave her after she gave me happy news.

Super Mega Awesome Thing 2: I took today off from work since I didn’t know how long my doctor’s appointment was going to last.  It was done relatively quickly so I have the whole day to hang out. Yay!  I went right from the appointment to the gym and got in a good treadmill workout. I normally hate the treadmill but today I decided to throw in some intervals to keep from getting too bored.  I did a quick warm up, turned on the View, and then did a slow quarter mile – increasing the treadmill speed by .2 every quarter mile for a full mile.  When I reached my top speed, I did an extra lap  and then decreased my speed by .2 every quarter mile for another full mile.  Including a warm up and cool down I ended up covering 2.5 miles and it felt like it went by really quickly.  Maybe it was because Neil Patrick Harris was on the View. He’s so funny.

I followed up the treadmill workout with some lifting.  This is huge for me since I’m terrified of lifting at the gym.  It turns out absolutely no one works out at 11:15 am on a Thursday so I had a great time by myself in the weight room – though I completely stuck to the machines.  I did arms and back since I’ve been doing a lot of legs at home.  I’m so excited that I got this workout in – especially since I was supposed to do some lifting with Katie this morning and I slept through my alarm after a migraine kept  me up most of the night.  Boo for that but the workout is done and I feel pretty great!

Super Mega Awesome Thing 3:  I’m going to the Healthy Living Summit in August!

I might have skipped a track workout to make sure I got a ticket for this event!

I’ll be rooming with the delightfully super mega awesome Allison from Happy Tales Blog, Jess from In My Healthy Opinion, and Jenny from Feet of Fancy.  I’m beyond excited to meet these lovely ladies.  We’re already putting together plans to dance like flailing octopi (octopuses??)  so if you’re in the Philly area make sure you check us out! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday and is staying cool.  The current “feels like” temperature in DC is 106. Holy wowza, this is going to be one hot summer!


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