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Three Things Thursday featuring Natalie Dee

1) I’m doing an upgrade on carlybananas soon (hopefully this weekend)! Keep your eyes peeled because the address will be changing to carlybananas.com. I’m so excited.  I’m still hosting on wordpress.com while I study Katy’s self hosting guide.  I’m still not sure if it’s worthwhile for me since I don’t generate income from the blog. I really just want the plug-in offered but I don’t know anything about hosting.  If you self host and aren’t a technological/internet genius please leave me a comment and let me know how the switch went for you!

2) Apparently a large group of people find my blog weekly by searching my Wordless Wednesday Natalie Dee Post. I didn’t have a Natalie Dee Post this week and my hits went way down. I found a perfect cartoon to be paired with all of the HLS posts floating around.  Have I mentioned how much I love Natalie Dee?

3) I’ve been obsessing over the path of Hurricane Irene all day but for a totally selfish reason.  I have my last pre-Virginia Beach long run scheduled for this weekend and I don’t want to get struck by lightning.  Maybe that’s not such a selfish request…but I should probably be more concerned about the people evacuating their homes.  I really do hope everyone in the storm’s path is safe and it takes a giant turn into the ocean so no one is inconvenienced hurt.



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Who is this CarlyBananas Girl Anyway?

I had the pleasure of attending the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend in Philadelphia.  It was an awesome event and I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend and meet so many sweet, friendly and inspirational (I do not throw that word around lightly) bloggers.

I know that I met so many people that I’m having a hard time keeping track of who everyone is and what they blog about so I thought I’d take a cue from a few fabulous ladies and put together an All About CarlyBananas post.

What to write? What to write?

*waves* Hi. I’m Carly and I’m in love with running.  I’m pretty new to the sport but it’s become my very favorite hobby (unless sushi eating counts as a hobby. Then running is my second favorite).

I live right outside of Washington, DC. I love this city. There’s great history and there’s always something going on.   It also happens to be the second fittest city in the country! Seeing people out and about – running and biking and walking – was great motivation for me to start exercising!

On a morning run past the White House

I’ve been blogging about my experiences as a new runner and my training for my first half marathon since December.  I love running races. I feel like they give me something to work toward.  I’m so proud every time I’m able to run a new distance.  I may be a slowpoke but I enjoy what I’m doing.

For a little more background about me, here are my most read posts:

So welcome new readers! I look forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs in the next few days!

Have you ever attended a blogging conference? Were you at HLS?


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Ditching My Time Goal for My First Half Marathon

I’ve been putting off writing this post for awhile but I realized it would be the perfect topic for my 100th blog post.

Happy 100th Post to Me!

I am so excited to run my first half marathon on September 4th in Virginia Beach.  I’ve been obsessively following a training plan for the last few months in hopes I’d have a great race.  I have bee pretty diligent in following the plan – doing all of my speed work and long runs – but I have found myself totally worried my expected finish time over the last few weeks.

According to Runners World Smart Coach, I should be able to finish this race in just under 2:20. I actually tweaked my training plan quite a bit when I set it up to make sure the finish time would be under 2:20. I’m pretty sure I can finish in that time but I’m not sure if I want to finish in that time.

I’ve been running all of my long runs really slowly and comfortably, as prescribed by Smart Coach. And I’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles that say doing your long runs slowly to build endurance and speed work to build speed is the way to go.  But I’m really hesitant to go into the race and try to run 13.1 miles so much faster than I’ve run any of my training runs.

Sweaty post SLOW 8 mile picture. Ignore the fact that my hand is still moving. I was excited!

Maybe I’ll be able to, but I think I want my first half marathon to be about the excitement of a the race (that happens to have a view of the ocean for a good part of the race. Yay!) vs. pushing myself to my limit just to run a few minutes faster.

At first I was worried that if my time was really “slow” for this race, people wouldn’t understand why I spend so much time running (not that my “fast” time is particularly fast).  But you know what, forget what other people think.  I’m not running this race to win – Ryan Hall will be there and I’m pretty sure he has this race in the bag 😉  I’ve come across so many other awesome runners who run right at the same pace as me – including my awesome HLS roomie Allison who just wrote an amazing post about how she wards off injury by not focusing on times and running at a pace that she likes. Maybe I’m not as slow as I think.

So you know what… I’m ditching my time goal. I am going to have so much fun at this race with Suze and I’m going to enjoy my first half marathon.

How did you set time goals for your first race?


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You Googled What?!

Because I’m feeling a little bit like a slacker (in work and in running) I thought I’d do a fun post about all of the crazy search terms people have entered to find my blog in the last week:


10. i am just so proud that i’m learning to cook <— this is particularly funny because I don’t have a food blog.

9. upset that people don’t finish marathons in time limit <— I actually have no opinion on this. I think people should sign up for races that they’ve adequately trained for but I’m not upset with anyone who has  a bad race!

8. what was pace for my 2 mile run? <— perhaps you should purchase a Garmin.

7. heat wave guy <— I guess I’ve been complaining about the heat too much.

6. are black capris business casual <— Ahhh, my aversion to appropriate work clothes always brings in hits.

5. cold symptoms??? <— those question marks were all included.  Also searched for: sick week, germs, airplane cold, and achoo.  Someone spent too much time discussing her cold. Whoops.

4. runner’s world (1-year subscription) <— You’re welcome Runner’s World.

3. thanks and happy friday <— No, thank you! TGIF!

2.  i am only skinny in the morning <— ….You’re probably skinny all day if you’re skinny in the morning.

1. can i train for a marathon in 1 week <— This is the search that gave me the idea for this post.


This week was a step back week for me for my half marathon training and I might have taken too big of a step.  I’m going to count my two nights of jumping up and down screaming at the Taylor Swift concerts (yes, that plural was intentional) as cross training and call it even (thank you to everyone who agreed with idea via twitter!).  I did run Monday and I did wake up this morning and get some miles in.  It is so nice to have morning weather in the 70’s again!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in your search terms?



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Rock & Roll VA Beach Training: Week 2 Recap

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Another week in the books.  If the weeks keep ticking by this quickly, Virginia Beach is going to be here before  I know it.  I didn’t quite follow my scheduled training plan this week but I feel like everything went really well.

I didn't quite follow the Monday/Wednesday workouts but it was a great week!

Monday, I had an easy run on the calendar but the Pacers distance group was doing hill repeats on the Custis Trail and  I wanted to check it out.  I was nervous about my first hill tempo but it went really well and was a huge confidence booster.  Even though I put in extra miles at a quicker pace, I felt really good the next day.

Wednesday, I went to my first track workout and it was amazing.  We did 800 repeats and I was shocked at the pace I was holding (and improving upon) for each repeat.  It was another huge confidence booster but it was kind of exhausting to do 2 speed workouts in a week. Quite surprisingly, my legs felt really good for the rest of the week (with the exception of some minor achilles cramps on my right side) but due to an unusually busy social calendar on Thursday and Friday I ended up taking some extra rest days.  Next week I’ll have to get back on the cross training wagon and stay on.

Yesterday, I hit up a yoga class at my gym and stretched my legs out before today’s long run.  I knew Suze was running Saturday instead of our normal Sunday, so I was prepared to hang out on my own but I actually found a run buddy!  Thank goodness I had someone to run with because I would have been completely lost trying to avoid the Nation’s Tri alone!

Not quite able to avoid the Nation's Tri but it was so fun to spectate as we ran!

We started out, as usual, at the Iwo Jima Memorial and ran around Arlington Cemetery to cross the bridge into DC.  We were waved through some barricades onto Ohio Drive and ran a ways before we ran right into the last wave of swimmers coming out of the water.  They were seriously hard core running up the street barefoot into the transition area!   Once there was a lull in the crowd, the volunteers let us sneak through and we made it to our next obstacle – crossing the street from Ohio to get up to the Memorial Bridge.  We stopped and cheered for the bikers for awhile and then a volunteer told us he’d give us a wave when it was safe to cross the street.  The volunteers couldn’t be nicer. They were directing crowds and the athletes at the same time and were exceptionally cheerful in the process!

We headed across the Memorial Bridge and made our way around more bikers and got back to Iwo Jima in just over an hour – right before it started raining.  Perfect timing.  My timing data was a little off because we had some false starts where we were starting/stopping a bunch on Ohio Drive and I was just counting on the auto-stop to take care of it for me but I don’t think the sensor is sensitive enough.  I’ll have to remember to manually stop my watch…. next time I run into the middle of a huge triathlon.  Hopefully I don’t have to worry about it again 🙂

Next week, I plan to hit up both the Monday and Wednesday Pacers workouts, but I’m still kind of concerned about the lack of easy runs during the week so I may switch to alternating between the Monday/Wednesday workouts and doing an easy run on the other day.  I’m going to have to be a little less of a planner and just see how tomorrow goes before making a decision.  It’s BF’s birthday this weekend so I’m going to try to get my 5 mile long run in bright and early, before work on Friday (ugh, the things we do for love).

I hope everyone had a great weekend with some quality workouts!


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Three Things Thursday: Super Mega Awesome Day Edition

Today is shaping up to be an awesome day in a pretty big way!

Thanks winking puppy! I think I will!

Super Mega Awesome Thing 1: I had a doctor’s appointment today and I’m officially done taking my heart medicine!  The palpitations that were still bothering me a bit last month are pretty much gone – only bothering me about once a week – so there’s no need to continue with the medicine.  The doctor said it may be another month or two before they’re gone completely but things should be feeling much better from here on out.  Talk about a relief!  I also get to cut my thyroid medicine in half again and I don’t have to have blood drawn again until August.  While the doctor was super late (I used the table for stretching and yoga while I waited haha), I totally forgave her after she gave me happy news.

Super Mega Awesome Thing 2: I took today off from work since I didn’t know how long my doctor’s appointment was going to last.  It was done relatively quickly so I have the whole day to hang out. Yay!  I went right from the appointment to the gym and got in a good treadmill workout. I normally hate the treadmill but today I decided to throw in some intervals to keep from getting too bored.  I did a quick warm up, turned on the View, and then did a slow quarter mile – increasing the treadmill speed by .2 every quarter mile for a full mile.  When I reached my top speed, I did an extra lap  and then decreased my speed by .2 every quarter mile for another full mile.  Including a warm up and cool down I ended up covering 2.5 miles and it felt like it went by really quickly.  Maybe it was because Neil Patrick Harris was on the View. He’s so funny.

I followed up the treadmill workout with some lifting.  This is huge for me since I’m terrified of lifting at the gym.  It turns out absolutely no one works out at 11:15 am on a Thursday so I had a great time by myself in the weight room – though I completely stuck to the machines.  I did arms and back since I’ve been doing a lot of legs at home.  I’m so excited that I got this workout in – especially since I was supposed to do some lifting with Katie this morning and I slept through my alarm after a migraine kept  me up most of the night.  Boo for that but the workout is done and I feel pretty great!

Super Mega Awesome Thing 3:  I’m going to the Healthy Living Summit in August!

I might have skipped a track workout to make sure I got a ticket for this event!

I’ll be rooming with the delightfully super mega awesome Allison from Happy Tales Blog, Jess from In My Healthy Opinion, and Jenny from Feet of Fancy.  I’m beyond excited to meet these lovely ladies.  We’re already putting together plans to dance like flailing octopi (octopuses??)  so if you’re in the Philly area make sure you check us out! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday and is staying cool.  The current “feels like” temperature in DC is 106. Holy wowza, this is going to be one hot summer!


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TGIF! Featuring a 90’s Throwback!

TGIF! I am so excited to see Friday.  It’s been a long week! I’m off to see my parents in a few hours to celebrate Mother’s Day but wanted to drop in with a little update before I go.

My friends from the 90's are happy it's Friday

Let me quickly admit that I love Beth’s post today, where she breaks out 5 things that are making her happy and I’m copying her. I hope she doesn’t mind.

1) I’m cleared to be exercising again! My thyroid levels are looking better and the heart palpitations that have been bugging me should be going away soon.  I can actually take less thyroid medicine, which is awesome but I still have to stay on the heart medicine for another few weeks. Last night I celebrated with some resistance band work, though not much because I had a really heavy dinner and didn’t want to make myself feel sick.

Cue Snoopy and his happy dance!

2) I may be running the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay on June 4th!  We’re around90% certain we can get a 4th person for our team before the prices go up on Monday.  This was kind of totally a whim decision but one that I’m really excited about.  I haven’t ever done a trail race and a 6.4 mile introduction doesn’t sound horrible.  It actually looks pretty awesome and I think I know a few people doing the marathon or 50K so it will be a fun day.

Yes, I just went there.

3) I’ve found my training plan for the Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Half.  I’m using Runner’s World Smart Coach and am really excited to start.  I have to keep reminding myself that there would be no point in starting things up so early just because I’m excited and there’s no point in risking injury just to tweak the finish time by a teeny bit of time.  My current plan is to run for fun in May and cross train heavily.  Then I’ll start the actual training at the very end of May.  I’m going with a 13 week program, which some would say is bad luck but I think will be awesome. I’m thrilled with the plan’s potential.

4) There should be a giveaway coming up in the next few weeks on the blog. I actually have a pretty important blog related announcement coming up sometime soon, but I haven’t had time to sit down and get it put together.  Something just kind of fell into my lap and I’m excited to share it with everyone. 🙂

5) I’m off to spend a quiet weekend with the parents! I know I mentioned that in the beginning of my post but I’m so happy to have some family time on the books for this weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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