Three Things Thursday: Pressing Questions About Pants

My blog posts are becoming increasingly eclectic as the taper madness sets in.

1) Can someone please explain the point of pants  cropped to this length?I get leggings that hit above the ankle but not actual pants.  Why not wear full pants at this point??

2) How old is too old to wear pants with words across the butt?  My vote is 19.

3) Men in skinny pants…. Discuss.


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22 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Pressing Questions About Pants

  1. Haha…all three of these seem like very legit questions! The answers…I have no idea. 🙂

  2. Counterpoint to 1) maybe you have sweaty ankles.
    Question to 2) why are they all not wearing shirts?
    Answer to 3) men in skinny pants means the guy is really emo. or thinks he’s in a band. or enjoys lack of circulation to lower extremities.

  3. 1) Maybe you wish to go wading, but not too deep? I dunno.
    2) It is never okay at any age to advertise how “juicy” or “pink” you are across your butt.
    3) You know what they say about men who wear skinny pants! (They have skinny legs)

  4. avery

    1. I have seen ladies wear jeans cuffed at this length and it can look cute. I think you have to have long, skinny legs and cute shoes : )
    2. I’ve always hated those. Ugh!
    3. I have mixed feelings about this. I do enjoy that fact that men started leaning towards jeans that fit them more closely, rather than SUPER baggy and sloppy, like used to be popular with men. However, the actually skinny jeans are just too much. It also makes a man look like they tried too hard to be stylish and that’s never good.

  5. Becca

    Regardsing question 2- the follow up should be- and how young is too young to START wearing words across your butt?!

  6. I only wear words on my butt if I’m really trying to make a point.

    “Eat more fiber” is probably my classic. It both gets people thinking, and makes them uncomfortable because that phrase is right on my butt.

  7. manorachick

    I just have one thing to say about men in skinny jeans … BAD MOVE!

  8. mojamala2

    THis is awesome. Why do guys feel the need to wear skinny jeans, I just don’t get it. They dont even look good on them.

  9. I feel like the men that wear skinny jeans, at least most of the time, are the ones that shouldn’t. If you are overweight, the best clothes to showcase your body are most certainley NOT skinny jeans that are 2 sizes too small. But maybe that’s just the Boston emo scene.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Very true. I feel like the line for skinny jeans is drawn if you need assistance getting into/out of your pants. It just seems so uncomfortable!

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  11. Lee

    I have no answer to number one. Number two I think after college, you’re too old.

  12. Since I’m short, I’m glad for “style” #1, because sometimes those will fit me at a normal length,

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