Taper Tuesday – What I’m Doing While I Do Nothing

Edit: WordPress has gone crazy with the formatting on this post but won’t let me into edit the coding. Hopefully it will appear pretty again soon.

I’ve been having a difficult time figuring out what to post today. The trouble with having a training focused blog is that there’s nothing much to post about on days off.

Instead of being stressed out about the things I’m not doing this week – I though I’d post all of the things I’m enjoying today.

Iced Passion Tea

Gorgeous weather in DC today!

This 7 pound bundle of puppy love

Sushi dinner date with the boyfriend tonight.


Talking to this awesome girl when I was having a rough morning

What makes you happy today?


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6 responses to “Taper Tuesday – What I’m Doing While I Do Nothing

  1. I think you’re awesome, too! 😀 (and I love our gloves in that photo)

  2. Becca

    You can’t help but be happy with this gorgeous weather! Now I’m craving an Iced Passion Tea though 🙂

  3. my husband, my cat, and my morning coffee make me pretty consistently happy. everything else is a gamble. 😉

  4. Your puppy is soooo cute!!!!!

  5. That tea looks so refreshing! I tried a delicious free tea after my last 5K from Starbucks and it was so yummy…I wonder if that’s what it was?!

  6. this beautiful weather, getting things done at work, having a great date with a boy a like last night, and my knee feeling a bit better – have a WONDERFUL race this weekend and I will as well 😀

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