The Weirdest Pre-Race Dream Ever – Featuring Lil Wayne

I’ve mentioned on the blog that I have been having crazy dreams about Virginia Beach but last night… well, that was the weirdest pre-race dream ever. It was one of those dreams that was so weird that I had to wake my boyfriend up to tell him about it.

Setting: I’m at a Taylor Swift concert with my brother (I guess my subconscious knows that I love me some Taylor Swift concerts).

So little bro and I are walking around and thankfully dream concert land is easy to navigate. We stop right in front of the stage, which has a little stair case in the front.  Standing on the staircase is Lil Wayne.

Yep, this Lil Wayne visits my dreams.

So Lil Wayne is standing with JayZ and he waves me over but tells my brother to go home.  And my brother listens… thanks kid. Way to leave me with a dude that has tear drop tattoos under his eye. At least there’s only 2.

Me: Hey Lil Wayne! I didn’t know you’re a Taylor Swift fan! Hi JayZ!

Lil Wayne: Did you hear Beyonce is pregnant? See you later HOV. JayZ leaves.

Me: Um, bye JayZ.

LW: Want to hang out next weekend? I have to go to jail tonight but I’ll only be there for a few days.

Me: I have my first half marathon next weekend I can’t.

LW: If you hang out with me you can run another race. You can run as many half marathons as you want.

Me: Well, I trained for this one… so I kind of want to run it.

LW: That’s cool. I’ll come watch.

Me: Um. That’s really nice of you.

LW: Want to hold hands? <— really. This happened.

Me: Sure, Lil Wayne.

LW: We can walk to jail. It’s right backstage.

Me: Um. Ok.

So I walk Lil Wayne to jail (while we hold hands) – which has an amazing view of the Taylor Swift concert.  And I go home but home is my parent’s house.  My little brother is there and he’s looking at my blog and he says “Wow, you got like 4 million hits because Lil Wayne linked to your blog on his website. He said he’s coming to watch you race. I hope you win!”

And then I wake up. 

I’m pretty sure my brain has actually exhausted all normal pre-race dreams and this is what I’m left with.  Maybe this is the last one.


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15 responses to “The Weirdest Pre-Race Dream Ever – Featuring Lil Wayne

  1. you are strange. (i mean that as a compliment)

  2. Oh, Carly. Clearly your subconcious has a thing for Lil Wayne – I mean, hand holding while you walk him to jail? If that’s not romance, I don’t know what is!! At least you’re not dreaming of marrying some MLB pitcher (that doesn’t exist) while you have amnesia.
    affectionately, your stalker Suze

  3. Oh you little weirdie. I knew we were soulmates.

  4. haha, I love crazy, vivid, totally random dreams. You’re so lucky lil Wayne is a fan 🙂

  5. Wow, that was quite a dream. I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind your insane crush on Lil Wayne. 🙂

  6. most amazing dream i’ve ever heard! i had a dream the other race and i remember doing yoga and removing my knee cap…it was bizzare! best of luck on sunday – if you see a runnner limping along, that’s probably me!

  7. This cracked me up. I definitely needed a laugh too. Thanks for sharing! I love when dreams are totally random and yet make total sense. I once dreamed that Snoop Dogg came and took me to dinner.

  8. Sam

    You are going to get so many interesting web searches off of this one …

  9. I am dying laughing at my desk right now! Who knew Lil Wayne was such a supportive and generous friend?!?

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