Virginia Beach Training Week 10 – Getting Frost Bite from the Ice Bath

My running week got so much better after Monday’s dramatically bad run!  I feel much more confident about Virginia Beach. I can’t believe it’s in 3 weeks!

Week 10 Training:

Monday:  3.25 miles of hills that left me a little panicked.

Wednesday: 3.89 miles on the track that brought me back to reality. I can definitely run a half marathon in 3 weeks.

Warmed up with 800, ran 1600, recovered 400, then did 4 x 400 repeats with 200 rest, then 400 cool down.
warm up – .53 – 4:57 (9:23 pace)
1×1600 – 1.09 – 9:54 (9:05 pace)
recovery – .26 – 3:12 (12:10 pace)
4×400 – .27 – 2:25 (9:07 pace), .28 – 2:17 (8:18 pace), .27 – 2:09 (7:57 pace), .27 – 2:03 (7:38 pace!!)
cool down – .27 – 2:31 (9:20 pace)

Fun fact: According to my trusty Garmin, I beat my 5K PR on the track on Wednesday (walk breaks included)!  I swear I’m going to rock the 5K I’m signed up for in September.

Friday: I had a two mile shakeout run and the weather was perfect.  It was so nice to get outside and not get beat to death by oppressive humidity.  I was able to start at 9 am! I can’t even remember the last time I was able to go out for a run at 9 am and wasn’t dying from the heat.   I didn’t pay much attention to my watch and it turned out that I ran way too fast (10:30 pace) for a recovery run but at least I got it done.

Saturday: I pushed my long run up a day to make sure the nasty forecast for Sunday didn’t mess up my training.  I ended up getting out the door a little later than planned but I was still pretty excited for a nice 8 miler.   I was undecided about whether I should run back to Old Town or if I should head into DC and run around the monuments but I ended up deciding on Old Town because Metro seemed to be taking a big weekend nap and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on a single tracking train after a long run.

So I set off and the first two miles were nice and easy.  I love the Mount Vernon Trail. It’s so pretty and it’s so much less crowded on a Saturday morning.  There were a lot more runners out than cyclists, which was nice because I always worry about getting in the way of the really fast bikers.  I felt kind of sluggish and went for my honey stingers at mile 3.5 but my stomach was not feeling like eating would be a good decision.  I thought water would be a better choice and I’d go back for the chews at mile 5.5.

I think this face says it all...

Mile 5.5 was still a no go on the snack (see my face in the above picture… really, I was trying to smile there but yet I still look so pained haha).  My energy has pretty much vanished at this point but I figured it would be better to finish up the last few miles slowly than feel pukey.  It started raining lightly and that really helped me stay cool and happy. 8 miles were done by 9:30 and I was so relieved.

After taking the Metro home (and grossing people out with my crazy sweat for the 2nd time in as many weeks) I stopped and got some ice for an ice bath. I knew that the brick & cobblestone streets in Old Town killed my ankles and shins two weeks ago so this time I was ready.

That appears to be first degre frost bite on my calves and hamstrings.

I think I got a little overzealous with the ice because after 15 minutes it looked like I had first degree frostbite on my calves and hamstrings.  But my muscles felt pretty good on Sunday and feel great today so I think it was worth it.

I know I keep saying that I can’t believe it’s already almost half marathon time, but I really can’t  believe how fast time has been going.  Week 11 will be a lot of fun because I get to do my long run in Philly while I’m at Healthy Living Summit.  I am so pumped to get to explore a new city on a long run and beyond excited to meet everyone at HLS!



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2 responses to “Virginia Beach Training Week 10 – Getting Frost Bite from the Ice Bath

  1. Sheesh – frost bite from an ice bath doesn’t sound like any fun at all! Great job on the run, can’t believe how close you are to race day!

  2. Frostbite from ice baths = totally hardcore.

    You’re a rockstar.

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