A Run Without Unicorns and Sunshine

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a truly bad run – ever since I started running with Pacers it’s been all happy all the time, even on the tough runs.  But last night’s hill workout was just brutal.  No unicorns or sunshine to be found… actually, there was plenty of sunshine but absolutely no unicorns.

Notice: The Custis Trail happy unicorns have gone missing.

We ran from W&L over to the Custis trail mile 1 for warm up and then had 4×1 mile hill repeats scheduled. About half way through the first one my heart rate went crazy insanely high for the first time in a long time and I went completely mental about it.

  • WTF why did I skip my step back run last weekend? This is clearly punishment for  being lazy last week.
  • Signing up for the Baltimore Half was such a bad idea. I’m never going to be able to do Baltimore if I feel this crappy tonight.
  • Speaking of things I can’t do, I’m sure I won’t be able to run well at VA Beach either.
  • Omggggggg. I’m going to pass out if I try to do any more of these I need to stop.

Can you spot the only sane thought in that list? That would be the decision to stop this workout. So after mile one, when everyone else ran back I just jogged and walked.  And wah-wah-wahed the whole time about what a whiner I was being even though my heart was beating so fast I could feel it in my eyeballs.  When I got back to the mile 1 marker I told Zac that my heart was going to blow up and I needed to skip the next repeats. I think I scared the poor guy when I casually mentioned it was over 200.  Whoops.

Today, I feel much better and I’ve decided to just put last night behind me and have a good rest of the week.  My medicine was slightly changed last week – I get to take less because I’m looking nice and healthy – so I’m hoping last night was just a blip on the radar as I adjusted.  I still have almost a month until VA Beach and I know I will get 3 more quality long runs in and those will ease a lot of my worries.  As far as Baltimore goes… I think I need some more hill workouts added into my life but I have plenty of plans on how to incorporate them and plenty of time.

So bring it on Wednesday track work – you’re going to feel easy after last night.



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9 responses to “A Run Without Unicorns and Sunshine

  1. I’m sorry the unicorns were missing! :/ But you are going to do great at VA Beach – it’s flat, remember? 🙂

  2. I think you’re right – chalk that one up to a crappy workout & leave it at that. Hopefully this was just a blip as you adjust to your new medication levels. Hope the unicorns come back for your speedwork tonight!

  3. I hope this was just a medication blip and you don’t have any more heart rate issues. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Baltimore hills now, you have plenty of time post-VA Beach to prepare yourself!

  4. Liz

    You have been on a roll with great runs…but bad ones are inevitable. I’m glad you let yourself stop and you’ll be back to kicking ass soon enough.

  5. I’m sorry you had a bad workout, but I am glad your trip to Crazytown was a short one! Sounds like you made the right decision to call it quits last night.

  6. From (too much experience) med changes will definitely change your perceived effort level on these runs!! Try not to change anything else (even usual amounts of electrolytes, vitamins, etc) this week; if you’re not feeling back to normal or better by the end of the week, get in touch with the doc to go back to what you were on before. Either way, you really do have enough time to get these kinks worked out before VA Beach.

    Also, if you DO start seeing unicorns on the Custis 1) now THATS crazy, 2) show me where you found them!! 😉


  7. Lee

    Sorry the unicorns were missing. Sometimes they disappear, but they always come back.

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