You Googled What?!

Because I’m feeling a little bit like a slacker (in work and in running) I thought I’d do a fun post about all of the crazy search terms people have entered to find my blog in the last week:


10. i am just so proud that i’m learning to cook <— this is particularly funny because I don’t have a food blog.

9. upset that people don’t finish marathons in time limit <— I actually have no opinion on this. I think people should sign up for races that they’ve adequately trained for but I’m not upset with anyone who has  a bad race!

8. what was pace for my 2 mile run? <— perhaps you should purchase a Garmin.

7. heat wave guy <— I guess I’ve been complaining about the heat too much.

6. are black capris business casual <— Ahhh, my aversion to appropriate work clothes always brings in hits.

5. cold symptoms??? <— those question marks were all included.  Also searched for: sick week, germs, airplane cold, and achoo.  Someone spent too much time discussing her cold. Whoops.

4. runner’s world (1-year subscription) <— You’re welcome Runner’s World.

3. thanks and happy friday <— No, thank you! TGIF!

2.  i am only skinny in the morning <— ….You’re probably skinny all day if you’re skinny in the morning.

1. can i train for a marathon in 1 week <— This is the search that gave me the idea for this post.


This week was a step back week for me for my half marathon training and I might have taken too big of a step.  I’m going to count my two nights of jumping up and down screaming at the Taylor Swift concerts (yes, that plural was intentional) as cross training and call it even (thank you to everyone who agreed with idea via twitter!).  I did run Monday and I did wake up this morning and get some miles in.  It is so nice to have morning weather in the 70’s again!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in your search terms?




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5 responses to “You Googled What?!

  1. Hands down, the craziest thing I saw in my search:
    “sexy poop”

    I may have to change the way I write…..

  2. I love looking at search items for my blog!

    I have gotten
    “young girl daddy” and “little man with question”


  3. LOL – these crack me up! The best one from my blog was “honesty pants” !!

  4. I love the search terms used to find a blog. For my 1 yr blogversary I am going to do something similar.

  5. Whenever I need a good laugh I just check out the search terms used to find my blog. There are some truly hilarious ones. And I do love the “can you train for a marathon in one week” search. Classic!

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