Trip to Phoenix and the Aftermath

I’ve been back for Phoenix for a few days but I’ve had the most horrible cold ever and haven’t had much to blog about.  Before I whine about that, let me talk about how awesome my trip was.  I’m sorry for the super picture heavy post:

Our special entrance

The World's Biggest Baseball. This was the day I was setting up - I didn't wear running shorts to a conference.

The Nationals mascot came out to say hi

Lots of work but so much fun!

Yea, that's me talking to Josh Hamilton!

And Detroit's Miguel Cabrera

Robinson Cano - winning the HR Derby

I scored cheap tickets to the All Star Game (waaaay below face value!)

At the end of the All Star Game

I wish I could break down how much fun the trip was – even working 12 hours a day wasn’t so bad when it’s surrounded by baseball heaven.  It was brutally hot though.  No dry heat – it was humid and about 106 degrees every day.  I was completely delusional thinking I’d a) have time to workout and b)be able to handle the heat.

I’m a little bit freaked that I haven’t run in about 2 weeks.  I was on my feet constantly in Phoenix and walked about 3 miles a day but I haven’t been able to run since I’ve returned because I caught a horrible cold on the way back (from my seatmate who looked like Ryan Reynolds but 15 years older).  I know I have plenty of time before Virginia Beach (which is on 9/4) but I can’t help freaking out a little.  I’ve had horrible experiences running with colds before and I know it’s smart to wait it out a few more days to avoid making myself feel worse… but I miss running so much.

Have you ever had to take an unplanned break from training? How did you handle it?




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6 responses to “Trip to Phoenix and the Aftermath

  1. That is so cool!

    Sorry about your cold! Maybe try aquajogging easy while you’re out of running? Your fitness should come back in 1-2 weeks after a small break. You’ll be fine!

  2. Sorry to hear you got sick. I wouldn’t fret about being off from training for a little bit, focus on getting yourself back into shape. Remember to stay healthy and in good spirits, you’ll get back to it in no time.

    I had to take a few weeks off from training due to an ankle injury this spring. I’m not used to resting so much so it was awkward for me. After a while I was able to ease my way back into running, it wasn’t at the same pace but I managed to complete my marathon without dying.

  3. My countdown has it at 46 days, 20 hours, and 56 minutes.

    That sounds like plenty of time!

  4. It sounds like you had a great trip! I’m sorry to hear that you caught a cold on the way home though. I hate summer colds, they seem so much worse! I wouldn’t worry too much about your break, I’m sure you’ll pick back up where you left off relatively quickly.

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