Belated June Recap and Start to July

I am still being a terrible blogger! I’ve been really busy with work (ugh) getting ready for my trip to Phoenix for MLB All-Star Fan Fest in Phoenix (yay!).  I don’t travel at all for work… I also don’t normally put together exhibits frequented by over 10,000 people so there has been a LOT of learning this last week – in addition to doing my actual job.  I can’t wait to go to Phoenix because I absolutely love baseball but I’ll be working 12 hours a day from Friday-Tuesday.  I will fly out first thing Thursday morning and will set up our booth in the morning.  Then I’ll get the whole day Thursday to explore Phoenix, though really it will probably be too hot.

Um, wow. Hot.

Blogging will probably be a bit sparse while I’m out there since I will be working so much. I’m hoping to find a way into the Home Run Derby or the actual All Star game but who knows if I’ll be that lucky.  I’ll certainly be tweeting my head off, it will be the one time where I actually talk about work online. I promise I’ll stop after 😉

So back to normal blogging: June was a pretty good month for me!  I ran 48 miles and walked 12 for a total of 60! This is a huge increase from May, as I sorted out my medicine.

Yes, I've only run 3 miles in July. I'm a slacker.

June was my first month working out with Pacers and my fastest running times have started rolling in.

Track work = huge improvements in pace

I won’t get too into recapping every workout of the month, as I just posted a recap of my first year of running and I don’t want to bore anyone to tears.

July has started off slowly.  Between working extra hours and my insole debacle that caused some leg cramps (this is the bad part about not blogging – if you aren’t on twitter you didn’t see my griping about my new insoles for about a week before I tossed them as they were straight up killing my knees) and the holiday weekend I’ve been way off track.  I’m hoping to get in a short run tomorrow morning and I’m bringing all of my running gear to Phoenix.  In that heat I’ll probably be running at the hotel gym but maybe I’ll be able to swing a super early morning or late night run a few times.  Lord knows I’ve brought enough gym clothes.

How do you deal with big changes in schedule? Do you stress over missed workouts if it doesn’t happen often?



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6 responses to “Belated June Recap and Start to July

  1. Cut yourself some slack girlie – it’s only the 5th day of July! You’ve got plenty of days left in the month to get in lots of mileage. Sometimes life (and work) gets in the way of running and that’s perfectly OK if you ask me. There’s definitely something to say about balancing work & free time/exercise…sometimes you’ll be “work heavy” and other times you’ll be “exercise heavy”….but it’ll all even out in the end!

    Hope you have a great trip to Phoenix!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I know I need to! I can tell everyone else the same, but get nervous when it’s me. I had a good run this morning and feel much more sane. I was kind of paranoid about my sore hamstrings but it seems like laying off for a few days was exactly what I needed 🙂

  2. Missing a workout is not the end of the world, please don’t stress. You’re doing awesome with your training plan and there is no doubt that you will have an amazing half marathon.

    Changes in schedule/routine will always make me nervous, but I’m learning to fit everything in. When I was training for my full I missed several long runs due to injury (I’m clumsy), but my training and determination helped me through.

    Have an awesome trip and please don’t melt out in Phoenix!

  3. Lee

    I get a little stressed out when I miss workouts, but once I get on track again, I feel fine.

  4. I do stress over missed workouts, especially when they are all in a row. THe best way to avoid it is to plan ahead and if you are really really busy just squeeze in 10 min workouts here and there. Every little bit helps

  5. I hope that all of your work related stuff in Phoenix isn’t too stressful and that you actually get a chance to go to some of the events! Also, it sounds like you had a strong June and I’m willing to bet you’ll pick back up where you left off when you get back from your trip.

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