Rock & Roll VA Beach Training: Week 3 Recap

I’m another week closer to Rock & Roll Virginia Beach and I’m getting more excited every day!  Last week was a bit challenging but I learned a lot – like how I should replace my shoes BEFORE they are totally and completely shot.


Another week where I didn't quite follow the plan but still feel really great about training!

I covered more than 12 miles this week but didn’t really follow the plan at all.  On Monday, our running group did a mile trial to see where we were pace-wise for workout grouping.  We had a pretty short workout planned – warm up, run a mile all out, and run a 4 lap cool down.  I shocked the heck out of myself when I finished with a called time of 8:30. I shocked myself again when I remembered I wasn’t running the inside lane and actually ran a 7:47 mile! I had a suspicion that I needed new shoes before this workout but after that mile I knew I couldn’t run another step in my shoes.

You might need new shoes when your current pair has no more tread.

Thankfully, I walked over to Pacers on my lunch break Tuesday and got a new pair of my favorite shoes and a pair of insoles to keep my feet happy.

My shins and were so incredibly sore from the track workout in my beat up shoes that I didn’t want to run on Wednesday. I covered the 4 miles by walking hills on the treadmill and I’m really happy with that choice.  I had plans to move my long run from Sunday to Friday and I wanted my legs to be fresh for the longer run.

On Friday, I  woke up early and ran from Arlington Cemetery to the Capitol to my office (with a brief photo stop at the White House).  My new shoes were great and my rested legs felt like they could have gone on for a few more miles.

View from the base of the Washington Monument looking back to the Lincoln Memorial

I’m looking forward to running into work more often.  I’ll have a 2-3 mile run on Fridays starting towards the end of  July and I’m thinking that will be the way make sure it gets covered while I get to take in the beautiful sights of DC.

This weekend was BF’s birthday so I didn’t exercise at all.  I’m really looking forward to getting back out to working tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you have any interesting workout last week?



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3 responses to “Rock & Roll VA Beach Training: Week 3 Recap

  1. Wow, yeah, you should really keep track of how many miles you log in your shoes! I have a piece of paper that I write the date & amount of miles I run in each shoe. Or you can even put your shoe in the “gear” part on DailyMile.
    Happy Bday to your BF!

  2. I’m glad you had another strong week! I’m looking forward to getting back on a training plan soon. It’s not bad to do whatever I feel like, but there’s something satisfying about following a plan (more or less) and checking things off!

  3. I just get a feeling of pride when I wear through shoes, call me old fashioned (or… call me cheap since I don’t buy new shoes early enough.)

    I did a KILLER ab class on Wed that is still super sore, thus, you know it’s good.

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