Multi-brand Earbud Review (& A Giveaway)

I may not be the fastest runner but I sweat like I am. Since the weather has turned brutal here in DC recently,  I’ve shorted out two pairs of earbuds and tried two more pairs before finding something that will stay in my ears and not fizzle out from sweat. Thankfully I was able to find a good pair – and the makers sent me over two pairs to give away to readers!

So here’s what I’ve tried.  I evaluated each pair on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest) in the following categories: Sound, Comfort, Appearance, Sweat Resistance

1)  Skull Candy Smokin’ Buds – Price $24.99

I liked these because you can control the volume from the cord.

I used these earbuds for most of my winter runs and they worked great.  I really liked them for a few reasons.  They came with 3 different sizes of gel covers, the cord was really long, and you could adjust the volume right from the cord (which was great since I didn’t have a shuffle this winter and I ran with music on my iPhone which was in my SpiBelt).  What I didn’t love about them was that they always fell out of my ears. I had to adjust them constantly. To get them to stay in I had to pretty much shove them in my ear canal and then I couldn’t hear anything around me.  The music quality was great though. As soon as it got hot out these shorted out.

Sound: 4, Comfort: 3, Appearance: 4, Sweat Resistance: 2

2) Sony EX35LP EX35 Headphones – $19.99

These lasted exactly 1 run in the heat.

These were my back up earbuds, used when I left my Skull Candy pair in the office or in a different gym bag.  I used them about 3 times before they shorted out from sweat (twice in the winter and once during the heat wave). They shorted out as soon as they got wet.  From the few times I wore them they were comfortable but also slid out of my ears a bit.

Sound: 3, Comfort: 3, Appearance: 4, Sweat Resistance: 1

3) Philips ActionFit Sports in Ear Headphones – $19.99

Have lasted through several runs but are SO uncomfortable

I really wanted to love these earbuds.  They advertised being sweat-sweat proof.  They were colorful. They have a nice long cord. But they are so unbearably uncomfortable.  They come with 3 different sizes of silicone covers but the actual piece that goes into your ear is huge. No cover could make it smaller and it just hurt to wear.  It did stay in my ears really well but the position I had to put it in to keep it from falling out was even more uncomfortable.  On the bright side the sound quality is great and they held up find on both sweaty runs.  Unfortunately I think these will be my Metro headphones – only wearing them for like 15 minutes at a time.

Sound: 4, Comfort: 1, Appearance: 3, Sweat Resistance: 4

4) Yurbuds White Edition – $30 (on sale from $50)

After 1 run with the Philips, I knew I was going to need a different pair to get me through the summer. Luckily, at the same time Meghann from Meals and Miles was soliciting advice via twitter for a good pair of earbuds.  Her feedback was split between Skull Candy and Yurbuds.  I, of course, warned her away from the Skull Candy. Thankfully, the nice people at Yurbuds were reading and sent me a coupon for $20 off a pair of their new white earbuds. Score.  I ordered a pair and tweeted (half jokingly) that they should send me a pair for giveaway on the blog.

At last... a pair of earbuds that stay in and don't hurt!

I gave the white pair a test run and was instantly impressed.  They send instructions on how to put them in – you twist them so the little piece locks into your ear – and to prove they won’t fall out they tell you to shake your head around like a maniac to see that they stay put. See a video of a guy at an expo trying to get his to fall out:

These suckers have stayed put during 2 outside runs, a treadmill run and a weight lifting session. I didn’t have to adjust them at all.  The cord is long. The sound is great – I find I can keep the volume lower than I had it with other pairs since these are staying in my ears and not falling out.  And they’re soft.  It doesn’t feel like there’s a giant hulking piece of plastic in my ears.  I finally found a winner!

Sound: 4, Comfort: 5, Appearance: 4, Sweat Resistance: 5

A few days later I got an email from the nice people at Yurbuds offering to send me 2 pairs – one for me and one for a giveaway.  Two days ago I checked the mail and there they were.  But they didn’t send the white edition.  They sent the awesome black and red IronMan Performance Edition Earbuds. These are sweet.  They came in a shiny box with a carrying case, extra pieces, inspirational stories about endurance athletes… I was impressed. And also in love with my white buds.  So I’m giving away both pairs.

To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you’re training for and why you need a pair of sweat proof earbuds. That’s it.  No hoops to jump through.

Increase your odds! For bonus entries (please leave a separate comment for each):

  1. Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment below letting me know you did (I want to win a pair of @Yurbuds Ironman Performance Earbuds & @carlyrachael is giving away 2 pair! Enter@
  2. Follow @Yurbuds on Twitter
  3. Follow me (@carlyrachael) on Twitter
  4. Subscribe to CarlyBananas

Good luck! I will select a winner at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday June 24th.



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122 responses to “Multi-brand Earbud Review (& A Giveaway)

  1. Oooh fun, and those look cool… I want a pair! I’m training for… um nothing. But I still run so I still need a pair right?

  2. Oh and I already subscribe to you!!

  3. And I already follow you on twitter!

  4. Following yurbuds on twitter now. 🙂

  5. I am SO tired of adjusting my current ear buds about every 5 minutes. I’m training for the Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon and if I have to adjust my headphones every 5 minutes for two hours I might go insane. Would love to try these!

  6. Following @Yurbuds on twitter!

  7. Aaannnd tweeted about the contest 🙂

  8. *sigh* Carly, you are the first person I am telling this to!! I signed up for a half marathon I’ve got quite a while (still having pain sometimes when running), so I have plenty of time to ramp up my training. so, I need these!

    I was laughing and eye rolling as I read each of your reviews… I have been through just as many pair if not more, with a myriad of problems… Jason recently bought some skullcandy for himself, and asked if I wanted a pair too… I hesitated and said I’ll wait to see what he thinks of his… so far he likes them, but I have not gotten any yet. now I want these! 😀

  9. I follow you on twitter!

  10. I’d love a pair of earbuds that don’t fall out of my ears. I’ve tried so many and most just fall out of my ears when I’m ten feet out the door. I’m currently doing speed training to improve my pace and then it is marathon training time again!

  11. I follow you on Twitter.

  12. I follow Yurbuds on twitter.

  13. And I subscribe to your blog.

  14. RIght now I’m training for life, and life is sweaty. That’s why I need those!

  15. And I follow yurbuds on twitter!

  16. and I subscribe, of course.

  17. Bridget

    I’m not currently training for anything, but trying to stay in shape!

  18. Liz

    I need them because DC is so hot in the summer and I’m training for a century bike ride!

  19. Bridget

    I’m also a twitter follower

  20. I’m training for the MCM 2011! wish me luck! i need them because i sweat a lot – and with DC’s sweltering summer coming up… :/

  21. also, tweeeeet! I want to win a pair of @Yurbuds Ironman Performance Earbuds & @carlyrachael is giving away 2 pair! Enter@

  22. What a FAB giveaway! I would love a pair as I train for the Army Ten Miler this fall!

    Also – I already follow you on Twitter 🙂

  23. I’m training to keep the same pace as my dog. I’m not even kidding. He is ridiculously fast. And for that reason, and the fact we have to run outside (Reddick hasn’t met the treadmill yet) I need sweatproof earbuds. 🙂

  24. I follow you on Twitter!

  25. HEY! Just found you through someone tweeting about this haha! LOVE the look of your blog! I’m training for two half marathons, and hopefully a sub 1.35 time, but we’ll see about that haha! 😛

  26. I now follow you on Twitter! 🙂

  27. Aaaaand I’ve added you to my Google Reader 🙂

  28. What a fun giveaway! I am currently training for a Triathlon (July 23rd) and need some Yurbuds because I sweat like a man & ruin earbuds all the time!
    (And of course I follow you on twitter already & subscribe to your blog!)

  29. I am not necessarily training for anything except trying to improve my 5K time (before I actually sign up for one). I stopped listening to music because I have the earbuds that come with the iPhone and they fall out ALL THE TIME!!!! New earbuds would be nice 😉

  30. Following you on twitter 😉

  31. Following Yurbuds on twitter. By the way, I think the link you provide doesn’t work?

  32. I subscribed to you via google reader 😉

  33. I am following yurbuds on twitter – via @spabettie. I want I want I want… 😀

  34. Checking in! Let’s just say these earbuds would definitely inspire me to start training again! I need a little inspiration…thus, I also came to your blog! 🙂

  35. Hi Carly! Had so much fun chatting with you at the meetup tonight! Hope you didn’t get caught in the storm on the way home.

    Aaaaand I need the earbuds because I’m about to start training for my first half marathon – I need something quality for my sweaty ears 🙂

  36. Following Yurbuds on Twitter!

  37. I already follow you on twitter 🙂

  38. Annnd I already subscribe to your blog (via Google Reader)

  39. I’m training to run a 5k. I have lost over 80lbs and want to loose the last 20 and run an entire 5k. I will be running the LiveStrong 5k in October and want to be prepared. The ones I have now constantly fall out and even make a noise as they bounce which is kinof annoying :). I would love a pair of these to train with! Thank you!

  40. following yurbuds on twitter

  41. following you on twitter

  42. following your blog on google reader!

  43. tweeted the giveaway! @kendraogroske is my account

  44. I’d love to win a pair because I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October! My first ever marathon!

  45. And I follow you on twitter!

  46. And now I follow @Yurbuds on twitter

  47. And I follow your blog already 🙂

  48. And I tweeted the giveaway! (@laura_brianna)

  49. lowandbhold

    I’ve been dying for some yurbuds! I hear they’re amazing. I’m hoping to start training for a fourth half marathon soon!
    (Soooo nice to meet you last night!)

  50. Hey! I followed you and @Yurbugs on twitter, and I tweeted about wanting the yurbugs! Thanks for the opportunity! Have a great day, and good luck picking a winner!

  51. I set a goal at the beginning of this year to complete 6 half marathons this year. I have completed 3 so far and have 3 that I am training for this summer. I am trying to get back on track after a hip injury (torn labrum) and repair last summer. I ran my first half back in April of 2009 and followed it with 3 half marathons in 2010. In my journey, I have also lost 100 pounds!

    I am following you and yurbuds on twitter and have subscribed to your page! Thanks for the opportunity! What an awesome giveaway! And thanks for the great advice on the headphones!!!

  52. These look so awesome! I want to try them soooooo bad! I have problems with my headphones falling out ALL the time. I bought a pair a few months ago that are supposed to stay in better…they DO actually work a bit better, but they are the most giantest headphones ever, so I don’t really like them that much, actually. These look small and awesome! I am getting over a sprained foot, but I will be training for the Philly Marathon 2011 here soon!:)

  53. And I tweeted the giveaway:)

  54. And I liked Yurbuds on Twitter:)

  55. aaaand I already subscribed to your blog as soon as I got over here, hehe:)

  56. Oh and of course I follow you on Twitter:)

  57. I follow you on twitter!

  58. I am training for Ironman Cozumel this coming November! I need sweat-proof ear buds 🙂

  59. I follow Yurbuds on twitter

  60. okay, I liked yurbuds on twitter

  61. I now follow you on twitter

  62. I tweeted about the contest on twitter

  63. And I subscribed to the blog 🙂

  64. I am already following you on twitter ! 🙂

  65. I follow you on twitter already!

  66. I follow @Yurbuds now on twitter!

  67. I am training to hopefully complete a half marathon next year! Also, I really want to be able to do that Marine Corps marathon one day! Could use a NICE pair of headphones! What a great giveaway! Nice meeting you last night!

  68. Bessamy

    I am training to get back in shape for my health. I would eventually like to run with a group of runners in my area, but really need to build up to that. Thanks for the chance! =)

  69. Bessamy

    I am following you on twitter as @Bessamy.

  70. Bessamy

    Following Yurbuds on twitter as @Bessamy.

  71. Bessamy

    Subscribed to CarlyBananas!

  72. Bessamy

    Tweeted as @Bessamy! =)

  73. I am subscribed to your blog already 😀

  74. Lee

    I’m not training for anything right now but I can never find ear buds that stay in my ears. In a month or so, I’ll start to train for the Athens Half Marathon.

  75. I’m training for my first full on Oct. 23rd! (RnR St. Louis) and I have SUCH an issue with ear buds falling out of my ears. I assumed I was the only one with this ridiculous problem & that I had funky ears until I read this post. 🙂

  76. Already subscribed to you!

  77. already follow you on twitter!

  78. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  79. My earphones are from 1999, i clearly need new ones 🙂

  80. I’m training for my first half marathon! Never realized how much I sweat until I started training. I’m constantly shoving my skull candy ink’d ear pieces down my ear! Ouch and it’s distracting me from my training. I’d love to win these!!!!

  81. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  82. I’m following Yurbuds on Twitter (@jhooker517)

  83. I’m following you on twitter

  84. I have subscribed to your blog using Google Reader!

  85. James K.

    just started running. Just ran first 5K, now training for 10K. Hoping to add .5 miles a week with the goal of during half marathon this fall. Need great ear phones to pass the time. I use to only be able to run 1 mile max before having to stop.

  86. James K.

    just tweeted the giveaway

  87. James K.

    Now following @yurbuds

  88. James K.

    now following @carlyrachael. i am also from the dc area.

  89. Wow! You went through a lot of earbuds! I’ll keep the Yurbuds in mind. Right now I’m not really training for anything. My next big race is the Army Ten Miler in October.

  90. joy

    Cool give away. I am not as much training right now as I am trying to get healthy enough to train

  91. Mel

    I’m training for the Marshall Marathon in Huntington, WV at Marshall University (yup like the movie: We Are Marshall). It’s my first SMALL Marathon and I’m really excited, but summer training is SUPER SWEATY.

  92. Mel

    I now follow you on twitter (@Melsmiley). Fun!

  93. Mel

    Oh and I’m following Yurbuds on twitter.

  94. Jeff A

    These would be very nice for my Chicago Training which started this week! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Rosa

    Love this blog, since I too am on the look for new earphones, I’m training for my first half marathon in november (rocknroll San Antonio) and have done one 5k so far, in which my ear buds shorted out from sweat!!! Thanks for the reviews! (hope I win lol)

  96. Rosa

    I am now following @yurbuds on twitter 🙂

  97. Rosa

    I now follow YOU on twitter 🙂

  98. I would love to win a pair of these. I am training for my first 10K, and have made a goal to try and run at least one race, 5K+, each weekend this summer, unless I am out of town. So far, success! :). Ran my first 5 Mile race last weekend and got first in my age group. I have been running with bulky headphones that are amazing quality, but kinda heavy for a run and make me hot when it’s muggy in MI.

  99. i tweeted! i keep shorting mine out too. And this morning, the actual earplug fell apart. booo. I’m training for Napa to Sonoma half marathon in July, a Ragnar Ultra Relay in July and the Buenos Aires Marathon in Oct.

  100. Mark Wharton

    I am currently training for my second full marathon. I have to toss headphones every few weeks due to sweat damage and because I run in the rain whenever I get the chance. Please pick me!

  101. Devie Archebelle

    I love these! I entered and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks

  102. So glad I finally checked twitter/facebook/blog in time to get in on this 😉
    oooh do I miss my social media fix!! I tweeted/fb’d/wordpressed you!

  103. Pete

    I would love to have these for when I’m working out at the Y on the treadmill, elliptical, stairs and bike! The music will motivate me to stay at my exercise routine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. I already follow Yurbuds on Twitter (that’s how I found out about your contest!!)!

  105. I now follow @carlyrachael on Twitter!

  106. I tweeted!

  107. I just subscribed to CarlyBananas!

  108. Amy

    I’m training to sleep through baby cries 😉

  109. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    I would eventually love to do a tough mudder or, even more, the Durham dough man challenge!!

  110. Tweeted! 🙂

    And I already follow you on Twitter, and subscribe in my Google Reader!

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