Training Plan for Rock & Roll Virginia Beach

So I put my official VA Beach training plain together and it’s making me super excited to go out and and run around.

I’m one of those crazy people who loves to plan for things.  I signed up for Virginia Beach in DECEMBER. I’m nuts.  So today I made an Excel spreadsheet with the training plan that I put together on Runner’s World Smart Coach.

The pretty colors make it look so manageable!

(Link to the actual plan)

I definitely believe that organization and presentation are key to a good plan.  I know a few people may disagree that making a training plan look nice is actually critical but for me it’s kind of necessary there’s just so much information to absorb.  I want to make sure that I’m not missing anything and the easiest way for me to do that is to organize the crap out of it.

So about the plan. I was kind of hesitant to post a link to the actual plan because sometimes I get self conscious about how slowly I run my easy/long runs.  In the end transparency won out. One of the reasons I have this blog is to have another way to track my training.  If I’m not being completely forthcoming in my speed then there’s not much point writing about it.

Speaking of running long runs slowly, Dorothy from Mile Posts (one of my absolute favorite running blogs) wrote a great post last month about long slow distance runs and how they really helped her shave some serious time from her marathon times – we’re talking 23 minutes.  Granted Dorothy is an insanely talented runner but to see that this works for her is enough for me to take it seriously.  I plugged my 5K times from the Crystal City 5K Fridays into the McMillan Running Calculator and SmartCoach and the times are consistent – to get the maximum benefit out of my long runs, I should be running 12 minute miles. Considering the fact that it was literally 102 degrees out yesterday (pre-heat index) it’s probably not a bad idea to keep things a little slower so I don’t pass out in the middle of Crystal Drive one morning.

This weekend will be my first official “long run”.  Long as in 4 miles and I ran 6 last week.  But the first weekend where the distance counts toward my VA Beach goal.  I’m actually excited.  That will last until Saturday night when my 10:00 pm bedtime rolls around because I need to be up at 6:00 to run with the Pacers group on Sunday morning.

What are your weekend exercise goals? Are you training for any races?



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7 responses to “Training Plan for Rock & Roll Virginia Beach

  1. Bridget

    Hi Carly! Good luck with your training! I had a quick question for you – I’m a NoVa runner too and around your pace, are the Pacers runs good for all levels? I’ve always wanted to try one, but I’m nervous! Thanks!!

  2. The McMillan calculator is really great–thanks for sharing it. I need to run my long runs slower. Based on his chart I run them at tempo pace–no wonder I’m on the verge of injury all the time. I thought the Pacers runs were Saturdays?

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      The Pacers fun runs are on Saturdays. The distance training program that I signed up for meets on Sundays at Iwo Jima 🙂 I think they have a Saturday option too but this is way closer to home.

  3. That actually makes me feel better about running almost 12 minute miles then. And good luck with your plan!!

  4. What a TERRIFIC training plan! I have handwritten half-sheets full of various training plans all over my desk and one of my goals for today is to organize my marathon training plan into a digestable spreadsheet.

    Do you mind if I copy the structure of yours? I LOVE it!
    Best of luck with the training.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Please feel free to use it! If other people used it, it would actually make me feel a little better about the time I put into color coding it 🙂
      Good luck with your marathon training!

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