An Awkward and Hilarious Encounter with Dean Karnazes

Today, I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay which was easily the funnest, best run race I’ve ever been to.  I will have a big recap tomorrow but I wanted to post tonight about my awkward and hilarious encounter with ultra-running great Dean Karnazes.

This is how I geek out.

So one of my teammates, Theresa, mentioned that Dean Karnazes was supposed to be at today’s race and she really wanted to meet him.  We kept an en eye out for him a little before we started the relay but no luck.  While Theresa was finishing up the relay (she was our anchor), the race officials started the kids’ race – featuring Dean.  He was great, hanging around with the kids and the cartoon characters that they brought out.  We found out he was going to be doing a meet & greet after with runners from around 3:30-5:00. Score.  Theresa and I would go, since our other 2 teammates didn’t know who he was (for shame!). Trust me, all of this back story is relevant.

So T finishes the relay and we pretty much head right over to get in the meet and greet line.  I’m starting to geek out big time.  We got up to meet Dean and this is how it went.

Me: Hi! I’ve been watching you since the kids’ race! That looked like fun! It’s so nice to meet you finally.

DK: *laughs* You’ve been watching me? That sounds kind of stalker like *laughing hard*

Me: Oh no! That’s not what I meant. Not continuously watching! That would be like an hour. I have no idea where you went between the kids race and this event. Really!

DK: *laughing* You are so funny.

Me: I followed your run across the US. It was so amazing!

DK: Than—-

Me: I still sound like a stalker! Sorry about that! I heard a rumor that you ran today too! That’s crazy!

DK: Oh, it was just a marathon. *laughs* <——- He’s a really big hearty friendly laugher.

Me: Your’e so funny! <—– I’m psychotic

DK: You’re so cute! You’re so excited.

Me: *awkward squawk* I hear we get to take a picture with you!

*picture taken* *bibs signed* *more awkwardly hilarious chatter*


This is how my life goes…I really do use all of those exclamation points in conversation. Theresa can vouch.  Really though, it was a great time.  He was a super nice, friendly guy. I was really impressed.

Race recap tomorrow! 🙂




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19 responses to “An Awkward and Hilarious Encounter with Dean Karnazes

  1. haaaa – I was going to say that’s exactly what I would (nervously) say to him – that I watched him run all across the US. 🙂

    girl, I am SO FREAKIN jealous you got to meet Dean Karnazes!! that is so very cool, and he sounds like he is good natured and fun (well, I KNOW he is, I stalk him too!) 😀

    glad you had an awesome race – can’t wait to read the recap! ❤

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I sounded like such a nut job – I’m still giggling about it. He was so good natured about it which is relief. I’d have been scared of me 😛

  2. That is hysterical! And so cool that you got to meet him.

  3. Aw that sounds like fun.. and how cool that you got to meet him!

  4. So. Freakin’. Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore that man!

  5. I’m actually laughing out loud right now from reading that encounter. LOVE IT! haha and, of course, I’m jealous you got to meet him!

  6. I can barely put together a string of sane-sounding words when talking to a moderately attractive man, let alone an effing FAMOUS MAN! So awesome you got to meet Dean – I’d love to meet him someday!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I definitely failed in the sane category. I can’t believe I led with “I’ve been watching you”.

  7. Liz

    Haha, this is hilarious! But I selfishly wish you’d joined my running group instead!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Were you there too?? I wish I would have known! How did you do? 🙂

    • No no no, you can’t have her!! Wait, now I sound stalkery… #fail
      It was such a blast. And I can totally vouch for the real-life use of all those exclamation points. 😉
      Dean was such a cool dude! Like impossibly sweet and good natured. Haha I don’t think I’d be as personable after running a marathon then standing in line for an hour and a half talking to people.

  8. amy

    Hahahahaha – this is awesome. I pretty much turn to mush whenever I meet someone famous and cool. Not that it happens very often!

  9. hahahahaha. Too funny!! I saw him before the race start, but didn’t even think to say hi. Doh!

  10. Ahhhhh this is super awesome and exactly how I would act if I got to meet him.

  11. That’s super exciting that you got to meet Dean! I’m sure I would have acted the same way!

  12. bahh hahahaa!!! This, is amazing!!!! I once had an encounter with Kelly Slater when I studied abroad in OZ and i was on a random street with two girlfriends who had no idea who he was. We were by a Billabong store (which is like a well-known surfing shop over there), and his face was PLASTERED to the wall (b.c. at the time he was like the worlds best surfer, no idea where he stands now…). Anywho, i totally dragged by girlfriends over to pore Kelly as he was minding his own business causally browsing some stores by his lonesome self, and of course, I had an explosive case of “diarrhea of the mouth” — (It happens…). Somehow our conversation turned to music and we talked about our love for G-Love and Special Sauce… you know (actually you probably dont, bc apparently KelBell and I are some major weirdos!) the band who sang that one cereal song… Needless to say, my girlfriends looked at me with the most confused face EVER once the encounter was over.

    Point of my story? I can’t wait til HLS and we can have a double-whammy of awkward encounters!!!!!! holllaaaaa!

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