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Rock & Roll VA Beach Training: Week 3 Recap

I’m another week closer to Rock & Roll Virginia Beach and I’m getting more excited every day!  Last week was a bit challenging but I learned a lot – like how I should replace my shoes BEFORE they are totally and completely shot.


Another week where I didn't quite follow the plan but still feel really great about training!

I covered more than 12 miles this week but didn’t really follow the plan at all.  On Monday, our running group did a mile trial to see where we were pace-wise for workout grouping.  We had a pretty short workout planned – warm up, run a mile all out, and run a 4 lap cool down.  I shocked the heck out of myself when I finished with a called time of 8:30. I shocked myself again when I remembered I wasn’t running the inside lane and actually ran a 7:47 mile! I had a suspicion that I needed new shoes before this workout but after that mile I knew I couldn’t run another step in my shoes.

You might need new shoes when your current pair has no more tread.

Thankfully, I walked over to Pacers on my lunch break Tuesday and got a new pair of my favorite shoes and a pair of insoles to keep my feet happy.

My shins and were so incredibly sore from the track workout in my beat up shoes that I didn’t want to run on Wednesday. I covered the 4 miles by walking hills on the treadmill and I’m really happy with that choice.  I had plans to move my long run from Sunday to Friday and I wanted my legs to be fresh for the longer run.

On Friday, I  woke up early and ran from Arlington Cemetery to the Capitol to my office (with a brief photo stop at the White House).  My new shoes were great and my rested legs felt like they could have gone on for a few more miles.

View from the base of the Washington Monument looking back to the Lincoln Memorial

I’m looking forward to running into work more often.  I’ll have a 2-3 mile run on Fridays starting towards the end of  July and I’m thinking that will be the way make sure it gets covered while I get to take in the beautiful sights of DC.

This weekend was BF’s birthday so I didn’t exercise at all.  I’m really looking forward to getting back out to working tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you have any interesting workout last week?


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And The Yurbuds Giveaway Winners Are…

The winners of the Yurbuds giveaway are….

drum roll please….


Kristina and Gwen, I’ll be send you each an email to grab your contact info this weekend. I know you’ll really enjoy them!


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Fun While Run Commuting

My run commute was awesome this morning! I overslept a bit because I set my alarm like I normally do for my long run on Sunday – except today isn’t Sunday. Duh.  I left the house at around 6:40 and got to Arlington Cemetery by 7. I stretched out and took off towards the Lincoln Memorial.  I tried to get a picture but the sunlight was so bright that it didn’t quite work out.

I ran across the bridge into DC and of course got confused about which way to go to get around the traffic circle in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I picked left, but I should have picked right.  There was no cross walk but thankfully traffic wasn’t too bad.  I zipped over onto the National Mall, ran past the Vietnam Memorial and made my way up to the Washington Monument where I stopped for my first quick picture break.

View from the base of the Washington Monument looking back to the Lincoln Memorial

View from the base of the Washington Monument to the Capitol

In case you were wondering the Washington Monument is REALLY tall

I headed over onto Madison and ran up towards the Capitol.  I finally had a little shade and just got into an awesome groove.  I stopped at about 3rd Street, took some pictures of the Capitol and back across the Mall:

Much closer to the Capitol

Looking back to where I was at the Monument.

And then turned and ran up Pennsylvania Avenue.  At about 7th Street I realized I was running on a diagonal so I wasn’t going to be at 5 miles if I turned onto 14th Street to go to my office so I ran over to the White House to wave a the Obama family and take some more pictures:

Good morning to the Obamas!

Super sweaty and red faced outside the White House

I finished up by running over to Farragut West, looping around the park and then heading to my office.  It ended up being about 5.15 miles and I know I negative split the crap out of it because I felt amazing at the end and my pace was quicker – but of course I forgot to turn autolap back on my Garmin after Monday’s track workout so I have one gigantic lap with no mile splits until I log into Garmin Connect tonight.  Oh well.  I finished in just about an hour.

Everything went really well and easily.  It was a great start to the day. I’m extremely happy with the new shoes and really glad I just walked on Wednesday because my legs feel really fresh.

I’m also at the point where five miles is starting to feel really easy. I never thought I’d say that but I felt amazing the whole time today (well after I got out of direct sunlight/heat).  I’m also at a point where it feels so weird to NOT be running on the weekend.  It’s only 3 weeks into training for VA beach and I’m so used to it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be eating my face off and celebrating BF’s birthday. What are your weekend plans?


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Wordless Wednesday Natalie Dee Goes to the Ball Game

Belated favorite pictures from last weeks’ #dcblogger Meet Up at the Nationals game:

Credit to Steph of

Credit to Sana from

Credit Kacy from


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1 Mile PR and a New Pair of Running Shoes

Did you ever get the sudden feeling that your running shoes are trashed beyond belief and you can’t possibly run another step in them?  I should have had the vague feeling a month ago but for some reason I didn’t notice until yesterday when I literally couldn’t run another step after my mile trial workout at the track.

This is embarrassing:

You might need new shoes when your current pair has no more tread.

From the back.

Um… yea.  At least I don’t heel strike?  I also got a pair of insoles that should help with some of the problem with my right foot rolling in so hard.

These would have been particularly useful last night at the track.  We had a short workout but it was tough – a quick warm up, 1 mile at our hardest effort and then 1 mile of cool down.  I did a quick two laps at around a 10 minute pace and then braced myself for my mile.  We took off and I stayed in the second lane because I didn’t want to get in the way of the really fast  folks.  I made it through the first 800 in 4:04 and finished as Zac called out 8:30 (so clearly the second half of my mile was a bit slower than the first half).  I was pretty happy because that was a 29 second mile PR – my previous fastest was at Clarendon Day and was assisted by a ginormous downhill. I stretched out my calves because they were screaming and set off to run a cool down mile.  I made it through a little more than a lap and my legs were just so sore that I stopped to walk.  I walked in the rest of that 400 and decided I was not going to run another step until I got a new pair of shoes.

I was still pretty happy when I got home.  I decided I’d track down a pair of my beloved Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10’s at one of the local Pacers stores the next day.  I didn’t even look at my Garmin until BF asked how the workout went and I realized I ran my mile faster than I thought.  That’s right – just like last week, 4 laps around a track in the middle does not quite = 1 mile.  I actually ran my mile in 7:47 because I ran 1.11 miles.  Um wowza.  That was a heck of a mile for me – a full minute and 12 second mile PR.  CRAZY.

To celebrate I’m taking a full on rest day.  I want my legs to feel nice and fresh tomorrow.  If they don’t feel 100% then I’ll cross train to make sure I’ll be ready for my run commute on Friday.  Flexibility baby.


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Change of Plans: A Day to Run Commute

I’ve tried to make “flexibility” my half marathon training philosophy.  I’ve been covering the recommended miles but not necessarily on the same days and not necessarily as prescribed.  This weekend, it’s the boyfriend’s birthday and I want everything we do to be about him – not about the fact that I have to wake up at 6:00 on Sunday for a run.

Who doesn't want a birthday cupcake served by a kitten?

Luckily, I’m still at the point in my training where my long run is 5-6 miles.  I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they can bike commute to work but I wanted to try running.  I can’t quite figure out how to do it from my apartment but after this weekend’s run I know how to get into DC if I Metro to Arlington Cemetery.  Score.

So Friday morning, I’ll plan to get to Arlington Cemetery at 6:45, run across the bridge into DC (my very favorite view of DC is coming across the bridge and looking at the Lincoln), run down the National Mall to the Capitol and then run up to my office around McPherson Square.

Morning exercise and a great view of DC

My office has a brand new tiny little gym in it with nice enough showers.  If I bring Friday’s work clothes, a hair dryer and some shower supplies in on Thursday all I’ll need to do is put on my running clothes and go Friday morning.

If it goes well maybe it can become part of my routine when I have to start adding in an extra 2-3 mile easy run on Fridays in late July/August.  If I run from Arlington Cemetery right to my office it’s about 2.2 miles.

I’m actually a little excited to try it out!


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Rock & Roll VA Beach Training: Week 2 Recap

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Another week in the books.  If the weeks keep ticking by this quickly, Virginia Beach is going to be here before  I know it.  I didn’t quite follow my scheduled training plan this week but I feel like everything went really well.

I didn't quite follow the Monday/Wednesday workouts but it was a great week!

Monday, I had an easy run on the calendar but the Pacers distance group was doing hill repeats on the Custis Trail and  I wanted to check it out.  I was nervous about my first hill tempo but it went really well and was a huge confidence booster.  Even though I put in extra miles at a quicker pace, I felt really good the next day.

Wednesday, I went to my first track workout and it was amazing.  We did 800 repeats and I was shocked at the pace I was holding (and improving upon) for each repeat.  It was another huge confidence booster but it was kind of exhausting to do 2 speed workouts in a week. Quite surprisingly, my legs felt really good for the rest of the week (with the exception of some minor achilles cramps on my right side) but due to an unusually busy social calendar on Thursday and Friday I ended up taking some extra rest days.  Next week I’ll have to get back on the cross training wagon and stay on.

Yesterday, I hit up a yoga class at my gym and stretched my legs out before today’s long run.  I knew Suze was running Saturday instead of our normal Sunday, so I was prepared to hang out on my own but I actually found a run buddy!  Thank goodness I had someone to run with because I would have been completely lost trying to avoid the Nation’s Tri alone!

Not quite able to avoid the Nation's Tri but it was so fun to spectate as we ran!

We started out, as usual, at the Iwo Jima Memorial and ran around Arlington Cemetery to cross the bridge into DC.  We were waved through some barricades onto Ohio Drive and ran a ways before we ran right into the last wave of swimmers coming out of the water.  They were seriously hard core running up the street barefoot into the transition area!   Once there was a lull in the crowd, the volunteers let us sneak through and we made it to our next obstacle – crossing the street from Ohio to get up to the Memorial Bridge.  We stopped and cheered for the bikers for awhile and then a volunteer told us he’d give us a wave when it was safe to cross the street.  The volunteers couldn’t be nicer. They were directing crowds and the athletes at the same time and were exceptionally cheerful in the process!

We headed across the Memorial Bridge and made our way around more bikers and got back to Iwo Jima in just over an hour – right before it started raining.  Perfect timing.  My timing data was a little off because we had some false starts where we were starting/stopping a bunch on Ohio Drive and I was just counting on the auto-stop to take care of it for me but I don’t think the sensor is sensitive enough.  I’ll have to remember to manually stop my watch…. next time I run into the middle of a huge triathlon.  Hopefully I don’t have to worry about it again 🙂

Next week, I plan to hit up both the Monday and Wednesday Pacers workouts, but I’m still kind of concerned about the lack of easy runs during the week so I may switch to alternating between the Monday/Wednesday workouts and doing an easy run on the other day.  I’m going to have to be a little less of a planner and just see how tomorrow goes before making a decision.  It’s BF’s birthday this weekend so I’m going to try to get my 5 mile long run in bright and early, before work on Friday (ugh, the things we do for love).

I hope everyone had a great weekend with some quality workouts!


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