Washington, DC or a Rain Forest?

It is officially summer in Washington, DC.  As usual, we kind of skipped the whole spring thing.  Less than two weeks ago, I was putting on a light jacket at night when it was time to walk the pup.  The current “feels like” temperature is 98.

Yesterday morning I tried to beat the heat by heading out for my run at 9 am.  I beat the heat but the humidity clubbed me over the head and dragged me at a slightly-faster-than-walking pace.  It was like wearing a wet blanket.

I know I was running here...

But it felt like I was running here

Actual photo of me on my Sunday morning run.

I made it through about 3 miles and ended up walking the last mile home.  Apparently, I can’t just wake up and go for a run in this kind of heat and humidity. I’m going to have to plan much better for fueling.  I normally have really salty sweat but yesterday I sweat so much I felt like I ran out of sweat.  I guess maybe I can try mixing some Gatorade with my water or eating a few Chomps or Stingers while I get ready. I definitely can’t go out on empty and just power through when I’m exerting so much extra energy to move through the heavier air.  On the bright side, I was moving so slowly that my heart rate stayed super low.  So… there’s one bright point!

How do you prepare to run in high heat or humidity? I’d love some suggestions of ways to feel less beat up by the summer weather.



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8 responses to “Washington, DC or a Rain Forest?

  1. I went out at 6:00 am today and it was still warm and humid. I switch to Gatorade in my water bottle for summer running, or mix it up 1/2 and 1/2 with water.

  2. I had no idea DC was so similar to Texas heat/humidity wise. Blegh. If you figure out the solution, let me know cuz I’m dying over here.

  3. As a Floridian, I drink water pretty much all day everyday. In the summer, I do my best to get up before the sun rises. If I’m not halfway through my run, watching the sunrise, then I’ve slept a little too late!

  4. It is SO humid here too! It feels like I have to get my run in by 7 am if I don’t want to be drowning. Ick. I’m new to all this, so my main game plan is to focus on hydration and hydrating well the days before my runs. Also having some really easy to digest something before I leave.

  5. amy

    It’s pretty horrible. I drove to work today and got all the way to my office from the garage before I realized that I left my food for the day in the car. I was a sweaty mess by the time I actually got to my desk.

  6. i saw this washcloth thing called a frogg’s toggs chilly towel. supposedly, if you keep it wet it stays cool. might be too heavy for running though.

  7. Ugh – heat and humidity are the WORST! Once it started heating up here in FL I try to sip Gatorade before every run and take water with me, even if I’m only running 3 miles. If I’m going 4 or more during the summer I take Gatorade and fuel with me. It’s amazing just how fast the heat/humidity can crush you, isn’t it? And the way I look at it – better to have extra fuel out there than wish you had it!

  8. 9 am is still way too late to be running in this heat. Think more around 6 or 7 am to really be able to cope. *sigh*

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