Crystal City 5K Week 4/Jelly Bean Virtual Race Recap

Friday night, I ran the fourth Crystal City 5K, which was also my Jelly Bean Virtual Race!

The weather was less than ideal for the end of April, in the low 40’s and lots of cold rain.  I headed out with a North Face windbreaker over my tights & tee but by the time I got to the start, I was hot.  Probably because I wanted to get to the start as quickly as possible so I pretty much ran from home.  I checked my coat and a change of clothes and found Beth, who was doing a test run on her knee before she runs a marathon next weekend.  It was so much fun to run with her because she’s normally so much faster than me.  Thanks for running with me, Beth! 🙂

We took off, dodging puddles, and made it through the first mile in 9:50.  We were chatting and having a good time so I was surprised to see how quickly the first mile went for me.  The great part was that my heart felt great at the one mile mark, which is where I’ve been running into trouble.  I was still chatting and was feeling great.

I don’t remember much of mile 2. I remember I was feeling good, but for some reason my 2nd mile is always so much slower than 1 & 3.  I guess I was feeling good because I dropped my pace down to 10:38. 🙂

Mile 3 is where my heart started to beat too fast.  It wasn’t hurting but I started wheezing pretty hard (sorry for making you listen to that, Beth!), which I know is from my heart beating too fast to provide enough oxygen for the rest of me.  Nothing hurt though so I figured finishing up and getting out of the rain would be a better option than slowing down and walking.  I finished up mile 3 in 10:10.  Then Beth picked our target to pass in the last .2 before the finish (because of course I can’t run the actual course distance here) and we took off.  Race done in 32:27 (10:08 pace), a 9 second PR from Week 1!!

You know you've run a PR when your finish pics all show you staring down your Garmin!

I’m so excited to finish up next week. I’m really hoping to knock my time down into the 31 minute range.  It will all really depend on how the heart is feeling (though I have every reason to be optimistic that it’s feeling better each day) and if I can push myself it keep my mile 1 pace during mile 2. Oh, and to stop running the extra tenth of a mile.

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of lots of quality running.  Happy Easter!



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16 responses to “Crystal City 5K Week 4/Jelly Bean Virtual Race Recap

  1. I love that you are rocking da shirtttt!

  2. haa… love the photo – yes, that’s a sign of a PR 😀

    great run, girl! have a fabulous Sunday and Happy Easter!

  3. congrats on the PR! And I love that you’re looking at your garmin as you finish!

  4. Fantastic! Congratulations — and that picture is too funny.

  5. amy

    Congrats on the PR!

  6. It was so fun running with you, Carly! Congrats on the PR!!!

  7. 32:27!?!?!?!? Great Goodness, woman! That’s AWESOME!!!!! Is it cheesy to say I’m proud of you? I hope not… 😀

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Thanks, L! I really wish I would have ran closer to the course distance. My Garmin read 31:30 at 3.1 miles. Next week I really want to knock more time/distance off of it 😀

  8. Congrats on the PR! Sounds like you ROCKED the race!

  9. Congrats on the PR! I also ended up with extra distance (.11), though I wasn’t sure if it was poor tangent running on my part or my Garmin getting thrown off by all the tall buildings. Hopefully you can run the “line” this Friday and drop even more time!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I think for me it was poor tangent running. The course is marked at the sharpest parts of the turns and it has just been impossible for me to get around the crowds to hit them where I want to. On the 3rd week I made it in at 3.13 but I absolutely cut a huge corner in the beginning to make it happen haha.

  10. Ha! I’m looking at my watch in pretty much every finish line pic! Congrats on the PR! You’ll break 32 in no time at all at the rate you’re going!

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