Boot Camp: On Being Skinny and Out of Shape

Yesterday, I finally started going to the boot camp that I planned to go to in March.  I’m pretty happy I waited until the weather got nice (it was still very wintery in March!) but man are these classes HARD.  Like so hard that when I got to work yesterday morning my ab muscles were vibrating.  So hard that I had major muscle soreness by 3pm yesterday.  So hard that I kept screaming “Ow, my butt!” every time I moved around the apartment last night (much to the BF’s dismay – he was worried the neighbors would think he was beating me with how I was carrying on).

I think it’s safe to say that I’m really not in shape.  I know this is a totally different thing than being overweight (I’m not) and unfit (I’m not) but my muscles are not strong enough to support my body the way they should. In the past that would have deterred me from going to a boot camp class.  It would have been too embarrassing.  There’s an expectation when you’re little that you’re also naturally athletic, fast and coordinated.  I’m none of those things but maybe I can use this class to help me in the right direction.

Monday’s boot camp class focused on legs.  We did a ton of squats, abs, running, mountain climbers, planks, bicycle kicks, and walking lunges.  Probably nearly half a mile of walking lunges.   It was just hard.

But I did everything I could and obviously pushed myself based on the ouchies I’ve been feeling ever since.  I think as long as I try my hardest I’m going to get something out of the class.

This is supposed to be me trying to do a push up. Except my hair is brown and my facial expression should be one of agony.

This morning Suze joined me.  The class focused on arms and core.  My legs may be weak, but they’re strong enough for me to run on. My arms get no activity. I honestly can’t do a single push up, even girly pushups are hard for me.  But this morning I worked my (sore) butt off. We did a lot of ab work, some light weights, a little running, mountain climbers and these really weird pushup things that neither Suze or I could figure out.  It was really nice to have a friend there since we did a lot of partner work today.

I’m skipping tomorrow’s class. It’s all cardio and that’s the one exercise I can motivate myself to do on my own.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll be borderline crippled with upper and lower body soreness.  But I’ll go back on Thursday for more legs and probably Friday for more arms, even though we have the 4th Crystal City 5K on Friday night.  I’ll have to see how I’m feeling Friday before I decide if I’m going to class in the morning and the how much effort I want to put into the 5K at night.  We’re meeting the BF’s sister for dinner right after and it would be wise to not push myself to puking right before.

Have you ever tried a workout you thought you weren’t strong enough for? How did it go?



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13 responses to “Boot Camp: On Being Skinny and Out of Shape

  1. The trainer, Melanie, is pretty good. I’m glad she showed us how to do those SumoPushups (was that the name?). I’m still not certain I’m doing them right, but whatevs. “Happy Tuesday!”

  2. Ha, soreness is the BEST! Good job on getting out there and doing it! Its hard to join a group when you don’t already have the strength/skill but thats what will make you better/faster/stronger! 🙂

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I do love this achy muscle soreness. Except when I try to sit down. Who knew there were so many muscles in your butt?!

  3. Nice blog post and very true. It is a myth that those who are slim/skinny are health or fit.

    Great job on your Bootcamp!

    Workouts that I thought I wasn’t strong enough for? Many and all the time, but they are my motivators to try and keep working until I succeed.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Thanks Charlene! I’m excited to go back Thursday, you’re right – it’s great motivation to keep trying until you succeed even if it takes a long time.

  4. Amy

    Awesome! In just a few weeks you will look like that girl in the picture (though still probably with brown hair 🙂 )

    I think I bought that Living Social deal too. I’ll look into it after the marathon.

  5. Chrystal

    I loved boot camp when I used to go. I was just about to sign up for a new one when I got pregnant again. Maybe next spring??

  6. Love this post Carly! It’s amazing just how much a new class can make us realize that we’ve only been working a certain set (or sets) of muscles but ignoring others! I realized a few weeks ago that I had been ignoring my core forever – then I started taking a “restore the core” class and I would be SUPER sore only hours after class, yet could go out and ride my bike 30+ without batting an eye. Good for you for trying out boot camp even though you were afraid to at first!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      This has definitely made me realize that I’ve been working out my quads way more than any other muscle! It was the only part of me that wasn’t sore!
      I’m really glad I’m conquering my class fears. They’re so helpful, even though they hurt!

  7. I used to take a bootcamp class and loved it. It was really hard. And after 2 years of going it was still hard and I would still get sore. Sadly, the gym closed and the class is no longer offered.

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