Crystal Run 5K Friday Week 3 Recap: Not Too Proud To Walk

I have been a bad, bad blogger.

I’ve definitely been a bad blogger lately.  I didn’t do a single bit of exercise between the 10 Miler and last night’s 5K and I definitely needed the break.  This hasn’t left me with much to talk about on the blog.  I figure it’s better to talk when I have something to say 😉

Quick health update: Another reason I’m a terrible blogger is that I forgot to mention in my 10 Miler post that I was absolutely cleared by a cardiologist to run that race.  I also promised that if I started to feel faint I would walk, which I did – a lot.  It was definitely a scary experience but I was not putting myself in a near death experience to finish that race.  I’m still taking the heart medicine for another few weeks so I’ll be running more cautiously and making sure I don’t have any more blood pressure issues.  I started the thyroid medicine that I’ll basically be taking forever and that should stop my heart from going nuts and should generally make my life much happier.  Apparently, the form of hyperthyroid that I have is an autoimmune disorder and it’s also been weakening my muscles.  It’s a good thing I blew off the boot camp in March because now that I’m getting my body under control that will be so useful!!

5K recap: So last night the BF, Suze & I headed over for the 3rd Crystal City 5K. I went to this race with no plan other than to try to finish as close to exactly 3.1 miles as possible and to not have any chest pain.  I aim really high LOL.  I felt fine during the first mile and Suze and I clocked it in around 9:58 (and I crossed the 1 mile marked just as my Garmin was beeping! Double win!). Go us! But just like during the 10 Miler, right after the first mile I started to feel my heart doing something funny so I moved move to the side and decided to walk until I felt better. I took a walk for about 3 or 4 minutes and felt better so I took up running again for a few. I took one more walk break for a minute and then ran all the way past the mile 2 marker (which also coincided perfectly with my Garmin!) and all the way past the turn around until I felt like walking again.  I took about 2 minutes walking and then ran the rest of the way back.  I finished Mile 2 in 12:28 and Mile 3 in 11:20 and the last little .13 at an 8:46 pace!  I finished somewhere in the 34 minute range, which was really surprising because I ran the whole time last week and finished at 33. With all of that walking I only added an extra minute. I guess when I was running I was really moving!

The most exciting part: I only ran an extra .03 last night! Such a huge improvement from the extra .14 I ran the first week!

I have an awesome finish line pic, but I can’t seem to download it right now.  I’ll post it as soon as I can get it.  I’m hoping I’m able to run more next week but if not no big deal – I’ll try to get that perfect 3.1 in distance! 🙂

I know a lot of you had great races this weekend – Congrats to Suze, Beth, Lauren, Tina, & Lee (if you’ve raced and I didn’t link to you I’m sorry, I’m just going off the top of my head here!) on their PR’s! And best of luck to Dorothy at Boston on Monday!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



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12 responses to “Crystal Run 5K Friday Week 3 Recap: Not Too Proud To Walk

  1. Amy

    Congrats on your course accuracy and solid time even with the walk breaks. I’m glad you’re doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. Can you imagine how well you’ll run once you have it all under control?!?

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I’m so excited to SMASH my 5K PR in September at Clarendon Day. That downhill is going be so awesome 🙂

  2. Lee

    Thank you!

    I take walk breaks too. Nothing wrong with that. I find that it doesn’t even really affect my time much either.

  3. That’s awesome! You made it work for you and taking care of yourself. That is what matters and you’re still scoring some awesome times. 🙂

  4. Wow, solid time! And more importantly.. what a great attitude, especially considering a crazy heart-complicated week. (Heart issues are kinda LAME!) I’m sorry to hear that it’s an auto-immune disease too. But you’re in good company:

    Keep it up!! 😀

  5. The best part of running a “series” of races on the same course is seeing how you improve each race – and I absolutely love that your comparisons aren’t just about your time! With everything you’ve got going on, it’s SO great that you aren’t beating yourself up over walk breaks (which no one should ever beat themselves up for anyway). Can’t wait to see what happens when your body is used to your medication!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I’m glad I have something to work towards, even if it’s not time. The course has a lot of sharp turns so if I can get better about paying attention to where I’m going then this series is definitely a win for me 🙂

  6. I was realllly proud of myself for only logging 3.13 too!!! Funny – we had the exact same distance on our Garmins!

  7. Just found your blog through Run for the Bling of It. Sorry to hear about your heart troubles! That’s really impressive that you’re running through it. Congrats on a great race!

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