Goodbye March, I’m ready for April

I had big plans for March, including a lot of boot camp and running but the month didn’t quite go as planned.

The day after I made my “I’m so excited for boot camp!” announcement, one of my favorite coworkers unexpectedly passed away.  That threw a huge wrench in the first full week of March. I was beyond sad and we had a lot of office memorials/funeral matters to attend to.  I was just so heart broken and I still am but I’m dealing with it a lot better.  I did not end up starting boot camp that week but was pretty determined to get going the next week.  I ended up getting in one weekday run and ran my first Four Miler on the 12th, which was a blast.

In March, I hosted my first giveaway and it was awesome. I’m really hoping I can pull together another one in the coming month or two.  I have something in the works but it’s in the very early stages. Fingers crossed.

In the second week of March, I realized there was something funny going on with my heart.  I was cleared by my cardiologist to keep running but ended up pushing back boot camp again.  Spring weather made a brief appearance and  I did a long run on the beautiful Mount Vernon Trail.  It was tough but wonderful at the same time.

The day after my long run I came down with a bad cold.  I spent the whole week before the National Half Marathon Relay nursing it, resting, and trying to get better.  It almost worked. I ran my leg of the Relay at far less than 100% (and puked).  It may not have been the best run of my life but I was really proud of pushing through.

Finally, I figured out what was going on with my heart.  It wasn’t what I was expecting but it’s something that shouldn’t interfere with my life too much once I get it under control.

I came to the conclusion that starting boot camp so close to my 10 Miler might be a bad idea, so I’ve shelved it until mid-April.  I think it will be good preparation for Warrior Dash in May!

March feels like a bit of a fail for me, even though I know a lot of it was outside of my control.  It was actually my second highest mileage month ever. My IT band seems completely healed, so I know April will be full of great things.

Tonight, I’m starting the month off with the first run of the Crystal City 5K Friday series. I’m really excited to see how my 5K time progresses in the next 5 weeks.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great April.  Do you have any big race plans? Any fun life plans?



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5 responses to “Goodbye March, I’m ready for April

  1. I’m ready for the next month too! you’re going to have a great month 🙂

  2. Liz

    Glad you are healed and April looks like it will be a great month for you. I think I’m doing the Crystal City 5k on 4/22 if you decide to do it again!

  3. I like a new month as a marker for new goals, new beginnings. today I scheduled a day off – from blogging (not reading!) from meetings and work, from all normal day to day… I’m cleaning and rearranging our bedroom and living room, I’m going for a 3 mile run when it warms up this afternoon, and I’m starting plans for Jason’s birthday this summer – big fun ideas to celebrate my best friend 🙂

    I have a white board with goals and plans… updating that today as well.

    here’s to a great month! sorry to hear about your coworker… ❤

    Happy Weekend!!

  4. amy

    It was still a great month even with all of the unexpected stuff! And, I forgot to tell you, my family has tons of thyroid stuff going on and it’s totally manageable once you actually identify what it is. So happy you figured it out!

  5. yay for new goals for the new month! I hope April shapes up to be a great one for you now that you’re getting your heartrate issues worked out!

    My big race plan is the Windermere Half Marathon in May – it’ll (hopefully) be my first “all running” half marathon, and it’s all the way up in Spokane, WA!

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