National Half Relay Recap aka That Time I Puked on N. Capitol Street

In the week leading up to the National Half Marathon, I knew I was getting sick. I tried my hardest to pretend I wasn’t but I felt terrible enough to skip working out for 5 days.  I had a brief day where I felt awesome and then Friday afternoon I started to ache and my appetite vanished without a trace.

There was no way I was going to let a cold or sinus problems keep me from racing with my awesome relay team.  On Friday afternoon, Suze & I met up with Joanna, Sana and Amanda at the Armory to check out the expo.  When we realized there wasn’t much of an expo to check out, we took our stuff and headed out to dinner at a little bistro called Zest in Eastern Market. We met up with our 6th teammate, Joy, who was driving in from Boston and had a great time.  I am so lucky that I met such nice, sweet people through this awesome blogging community.  So. Lucky.

We all headed out early because we had to be up bright and early the following morning.  I was so nervous – mostly about Metro being able to get us to the race on time – and didn’t have the best night of sleep.  I got a few hours of sleep but I woke up totally queasy.  Poor Suze spent the entire day listening to me discuss how close I was to throwing up (and she blocked me from view when I realized my heart rate monitor was on upside down and I performed an almost-strip show for the people at Farragut West).

As we waited for Amanda and Joanna, I got to cheer for Beth, Amy and Dorothy – who were flying through running their half and full marathons.  It was especially nice to see Beth blowing past the 1:40 pace group because she kept that pace up and killed her half with an awesome PR.  Go congratulate her!

Amanda and Joanna ran such a speedy five miles and before we knew it we were on our way.  The first mile flew by. I think we finished it in 10:20, which is pretty speedy for me.  At around mile 2 I started to feel horribly sick and stopped to stretch to try to stop my stomach from freaking out.  We switched to run/walk intervals and powered through the last 3 miles at a pace that was either extremely fast or extremely slow – depending on the course length.  My Garmin went ballistic with all of the tunnels and it showed the we only ran 4.7 miles instead of 5. If it turns out we ran 5 miles, our time was incredible 🙂

When I saw the relay exchange zone I took off like a bat out of hell, handed off the scrunchie to Joy and bee-lined for a trash can.  I think I screamed “If anyone has a problem with puke they’re going to want to move FAST!” before unleashing on the side of North Capitol Street.  According to Suze, only one girl moved out of the way.  I feel like this was my point of becoming a real runner.  I puked but still had the runners high and still say I had a great time!

We finished! (photo credit:Amanda @


I am printing this and hanging it in my office!   Photo Credit: Sana @


Joy made us all medal hangers! Photo Credit Sana @


Congrats to everyone who ran great races.  I feel like a ton of people PRed this course.  I’m so proud of everyone!



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23 responses to “National Half Relay Recap aka That Time I Puked on N. Capitol Street

  1. amy

    I’m a puker so I totally get this! I’m sorry you felt so sick though. Way to rock it anyway!

  2. Awesome job Carly! I can’t imagine pushing so hard when I’m sick! Uber impressive girl! (And I hope you’re feeling better today!)

  3. You guys are so cute! I would SO print that pic out, too. CONGRATS gals!

  4. Hope you are feeling better so that you can run tomorrow! 😉 Great meeting you on Sat. Best, T

  5. Sorry you didn’t feel so great. That sounds miserable to me. But I love when bad days like that make you feel hard core. You definitel earned that medal!

    Thanks for the shoutout and cheering!!

  6. aw, sorry you were sick… such a Rock Star for running anyway – you GO! that’s awesome. I definitely would be getting out of the way – I’m puke-phobic! 🙂

  7. I have puked during races before not exactly fun. Other than that awesome run. The pics are so cute, looks like you guys had a great time

  8. Liz

    You are officially hardcore!

  9. You’re doing something right if you can puke and still say you had a great time.

  10. lizard151

    You’re bad ass. It was fun seeing you Saturday night! I can’t believe you weren’t bragging about that more. And I LOVE your t-shirt. Where can I get one?

  11. great recap! you are too cute in your shirts

  12. wow! I think you can file this under “you know you’re a runner when….you do a race even though you are sick!” Hope all is better now.

  13. Congrats on your finish, even while being sick!

  14. goodness gracious!!!! congrats on finishing despite your poor tummy!

  15. I’ve puked once after a race and it was NOT fun…but I was still on that runners high too! 🙂 Congrats on the race!

  16. If it’s any consolation, I totally puked when I crossed at the Princess Half Marathon last year. Oh, well! 🙂 Congratulations!

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