(nearly)Wordless Wednesday: Natalie Dee Style

This Wordless Wednesday goes out to everyone racing this weekend who has suddenly developed a cold or serious allergy symptoms:


Natalie Dee Sick Week January 2011

Natalie Dee Sick Week January 2011

Natalie Dee Sick Week January 2011


Wishing everyone a healthy week and great races this weekend!



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9 responses to “(nearly)Wordless Wednesday: Natalie Dee Style

  1. haha, how did all of these allergies/colds crop up exactly at the beginning of race week??? Grrr. At least it will be cold any maybe rainy on Saturday. Less allergens!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I have no idea, but I think the obsessive Zicam use has been helping me. Or maybe the fact that it’s colder and there’s less pollen today haha. Who knows but I’m a little relieved for the cold weather for the lack of pollen. I am so bummed to have to keep the cold weather gear out for another week!

  2. agghghghghggg… stupid colds!!! Stupid germs! Stupid coughing!!

  3. amy

    yes, ZICAM! I have a minor obsession with the stuff. Is it possible to develop zinc immunity from overuse? Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Ha — have you been following my tweets 🙂

    I am sure it’s just in my mind, but I did feel the sniffles coming on yesterday…and a throat tickle. I have a race on Saturday, so I have been pounding emergen-c and Zicam — cross your fingers!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I hope you’re feeling better for your race tomorrow! My nose is still running like crazy for my race but as long as it’s not stuffy I think I’ll be ok! 🙂
      Fingers crossed!

  5. Love Zicam! Its so much better than the other 43765 allergy medicine’s I’ve used, at least this week haha.

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