Bringing March in like a Lion: Signing up for Boot Camp

2011 was supposed to be my year of cross training and trying new activities.  I have been terrible about both and ended up injured.  Last month, there was a LivingSocial deal for a month of unlimited Sergeant’s Program boot camp for $25, which normally costs $199.  There just so happens to be a class that I can actually see from my apartment (if I happened to be awake at 6 am which is usually not the case) so it was an easy choice to snag this deal.

Hello March, you're looking a little ouchie!

Here’s how the program works:

Five days a week, you will sweat through a no holds barred workout that will challenge you to be all that you used to be… Whether you run 60 miles a week or gasp for breath walking up a flight of stairs, your Sarge will challenge you. Be prepared to improve each month through a combination of cardio, core, flexibility, stabilization and resistance training.

Cardio: Monday through Friday each session begins with a few warm-up laps, a Good Morning stretch and then an exhilarating mix of running drills and calisthenics. If you stink at jogging, your Sergeant will coach you until you get it right.

Resistance Training: Each week, the program concentrates on one area of the body for four focused days of training. It is great for turning that big butt into buns of steel.

Weekly Format: Mondays and Fridays are lower body strength, cardio, core, abs, flexibility and balance. Tuesdays and Thursdays are upper body strength, cardio, core, abs, flexibility and balance.  Wednesdays is solely focused on cardio

Bring to class • 16 ounce bottle of water • Rubber mat or towel • Pair of dumbbells

Realistically, there’s no way I’m going to be able to go to this 5 days a week.  I’d like this to be a nice supplement to running and I’ll probably be too tired to run if I was doing this every day.  I’m starting this next week with my friend Suze & we will be trying out the upper body workouts on Tuesday/Thursday.  If they go well, maybe I’ll try Friday’s lower body work out.  If I’m totally wiped out, I’ll try a different combination of days the next week. Or maybe I’ll totally surprise myself and find that I can do this several days a week.  Either way, I’m really excited to try something new.

Are you changing up your workout plans in March? Do you have any workout programs that you were surprised to enjoy?



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14 responses to “Bringing March in like a Lion: Signing up for Boot Camp

  1. That boot camp looks awesome! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. I’m way jealous of this living social deal. I love shit like this.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      It’s so awesome when they have good athletic deals! I’ve scored so many borderline free classes. It makes me so happy.

  3. amy

    I think, though I can’t be sure, that Beth and I signed up for that boot camp too? Or maybe not that one, but definitely something through LivingSocial. Can’t wait to hear about it so that we can jump in this summer!

  4. I have had a lot going on this month past and in hopes of keeping busy I was looking into participating in a team sport…Still haven’t found one I am set on quite yet, so in the meantime I am going to take rock climbing lessons! So between that yoga, running and maybe a dance class if I can fit that it, I think I will be good!
    Best of luck at boot camp! Those classes never work for me – I am not one to abide by authority but I look forward to hearing or your experience! 🙂

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      Rock climbing classes sound so fun!
      I don’t think the boot camp class is quite as aggressive as what’s shown in the picture. It’s taught by a woman. I think it will be more Jillian Michaels-esque than “drop and give me 20”. I hope 😉

  5. Love boot camp style workouts! I hope you have fun! And I agree that its better to supplement with other workouts and not do it every day.

  6. Bee

    This is the one me and suze did ages ago. Good stuff. Have you girlies started??

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      We’re starting next week! I’m pretty excited!
      I forgot you girls did one before, did you like it?

  7. Great plan! And how convenient that it’s sooooo close! Consider it a blessing, I drive 20 minutes to my gym!

  8. mmm, i need some sort of boot camp. this looks like a great way to get a booty in gear.

    what an awesome deal. gotta love livingsocial! seriouslyyyyyy.

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