Avoiding the Panic Button

Happy Belated President’s Day!

(Who’s ready for the return of baseball season? Me!)

I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’m sorry! I was so excited by my successful mile run and then I just disappeared from the internet.  Part of that was a side effect of my busy weekend (spent in large part eating my face off) but it was mostly because my knee started to ache terribly on Friday and Saturday and I wanted to assess the damage before heading over here and pressing the panic button.

(I’d like one of these added to my keyboard, stat!)

It turned out that waiting it out was a good plan. By Monday, my knee felt good again so I decided to head out for a mile and a half run. Nothing hurt when I was running (other than my lungs, but that’s another story) and now, 30+ hours later my knee still feels completely fine.  As long as the weather holds up I’m planning for another short run on Thursday.

It’s funny, when I went to the orthopedist a few weeks ago he asked me if my knee had been bothering me for awhile and I was quick to say “not at all”.  But now that I’ve been through that fiasco, I am paying  a lot more attention to every little ache and twinge and I’m pretty sure I have felt the knee ache I felt this weekend before – only this time it registered as something to worry about when it didn’t before.  I wonder how many signs of injury I’ve ignored because I like to get out and run.

Have you ever ignored or missed injury warning signs? How do you keep yourself running and healthy?



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7 responses to “Avoiding the Panic Button

  1. I’m totally ready for baseball season too. 🙂

  2. LOVE that first photo! 🙂

    I once cracked my elbow slipping on ice in my driveway, and I lived with it for about a week before realizing it was probably serious… it was wintertime, wearing long sleeves, I can’t REALLY see my elbow… yep, it was all puffed up and black + blue. 🙂

    this is a hard one, running + “pain” for me… I used to be a runner (averaging 5-18k each weekend) and I’m just starting to run again after knee surgeries and a broken ankle… I took it really slow for so long, because while I miss running SO MUCH, I don’t want to re injure… I’ve gotten to the point where I am frustrated taking it slow – so I’m going to start pushing myself a bit more… taking longer runs and seeing how I do…

    so, we’ll see!!

    glad yours wasn’t something bigger – but it IS good to be careful..

  3. The Atlanta version of that is the Home Depot Tool Race. Three Home Depot tools run around the bases and you’re supposed to pick which wins. I’m totally serious.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      That sounds hilarious. Is a fair race or does a certain tool always win? Teddy never wins here, it’s a source of much sadness for Nationals’ fans!

  4. Yup yup, that happened to me on my last test run too. I did 3 miles, they felt great, then about 12 hours later the pain came. Our bodies are SO WEIRD. I was hitting my panic button when it happened to me.
    It’s good that things are coming along for you. Keep up your patience, it will work out!

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I was really hoping to get out today but it’s about to pour with 60+ mph wind gusts so I guess I’ll have to postpone. I’m scared to get back on a treadmill. I’m convinced over treadmill training this winter was what did me in.

  5. amy

    This happens to me all the time. It’s hard to listen to your body when it’s giving you inconsistent signals! Good to see you at the pool yesterday!

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