A look back at January

I can’t believe the first month of 2011 is already over.  Time really flies when you’re having fun.

This month, I really focused on following my running training plan.  Despite having to move workouts around for winter weather (did anyone else notice it seemed to snow, sleet and rain every Tuesday in January?!), I covered every planned mile plus a few extra that I added in after a vacation was rescheduled. I ran 55 miles this month, way more than I’ve ever run.  I am really proud that I stuck to plan and reached that mileage goal.

Let’s look at my training plan from January (click the image to view the full size):


January 2011 was definitely a success.

Where I slacked a little: Spin class.  I did not go to one spin class in January.  I did a lot of yoga, a lot of ExerciseTV on Demand and more lifting than I’ve ever done.  I really want to incorporate spin into my regular exercise routine. I’m hoping it will be easier when I am spending more time running outside.  It’s hard to spend so much time in the gym.

How was your January? Were you working towards any goals?



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7 responses to “A look back at January

  1. Great job hitting all your miles! Very inspiring!

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  3. SuzyQ

    And don’t forget – you did it all without french fries!

  4. This little calender is a great idea! I haven’t made a workout schedule in ages and certainly don’t document what I do! I think that needs to change starting now! ❤ I also need to come say hello on your blog way more often — you're super motivating!!!

    I just started getting back into group fitness classes at my gym (10 min away vs the hour I used to have to drive to the old one! score!) and I need to stay on it!

    Thanks girl =)

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