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A Woman Without a Plan

I love to plan. I love to do lists. Making training plans for races makes me giddy. But lately my to do list has looked more like this:

empty to-do list

Empty and boring

Thanks to my recent IT band problems my training plan has been collecting some serious dust.  This has left me so bummed and kind of weepy.

So this weekend I put together a new plan.  Since I’m working in a six week time frame (can you believe April 10th is 6 weeks away?!) my goals obviously have to be adjusted or else I’ll end up hurt again.  I’m trying to keep this from adding more “bummed and weepy” to my life but tacking 10-12 minutes onto my expected finish time is a little hard to swallow (though totally expected when I was only able to run 5.5 miles in the month of February).

Looking back, when I registered for the GW Parkway Classic I said “I really want my training for this race to be fun and I don’t want to get hung up on making sure I cover every single mile” and I’m trying to stand by that.  The race is on a gorgeous course and running a little slower will give me more time to enjoy it.  No matter what I do to prepare in the next six weeks, I’ll feel like I could have done more but at least I know I’ll be there enjoying my first 10 miler.  There will be more, I’m sure of that. 🙂


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Avoiding the Panic Button

Happy Belated President’s Day!

(Who’s ready for the return of baseball season? Me!)

I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’m sorry! I was so excited by my successful mile run and then I just disappeared from the internet.  Part of that was a side effect of my busy weekend (spent in large part eating my face off) but it was mostly because my knee started to ache terribly on Friday and Saturday and I wanted to assess the damage before heading over here and pressing the panic button.

(I’d like one of these added to my keyboard, stat!)

It turned out that waiting it out was a good plan. By Monday, my knee felt good again so I decided to head out for a mile and a half run. Nothing hurt when I was running (other than my lungs, but that’s another story) and now, 30+ hours later my knee still feels completely fine.  As long as the weather holds up I’m planning for another short run on Thursday.

It’s funny, when I went to the orthopedist a few weeks ago he asked me if my knee had been bothering me for awhile and I was quick to say “not at all”.  But now that I’ve been through that fiasco, I am paying  a lot more attention to every little ache and twinge and I’m pretty sure I have felt the knee ache I felt this weekend before – only this time it registered as something to worry about when it didn’t before.  I wonder how many signs of injury I’ve ignored because I like to get out and run.

Have you ever ignored or missed injury warning signs? How do you keep yourself running and healthy?


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1 Mile Just Rocked My World

This is the face of someone who just ran a mile for the first time since January 30th!


I took it super slow on the first half, stopped and stretched and ran the second half pretty quickly – much faster than I was planning on.

Split 1: .50 @ 5:42
Split 2: .50 @ 5:06
Total: 1 mile: 10:48

My knee feels good. I stretched and foam rolled and I’m about to ice, just in case.  My only problem was breathing.  Honestly, after 2 and a half weeks off I wasn’t expecting to get such an epic side stitch. Note to self: remember to breathe when running.

Saturday I’ll try to go back out and do a “long run” of 1.5 miles.  Do you have weekend work out plans? I hope everyone enjoys this awesome early spring!


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