Love the Run 2011 – A Race with the Boyfriend

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a winter 5K, just for fun but have been pretty against it because race costs are just so high.  Recently, I remembered there’s a really cute Valentine’s Day 5K that starts right in front of my apartment and thought it would be kind of fun to make the BF run it with me.

Love the Run You’re With is part of the Pacers 2011 Event Series, which includes the GW Parkway Classic, Crystal Run 5K Fridays, and a ton of other local DC races.  They’re really well organized and professionally run, which makes the cost factor a lot more tolerable (though still painful).

Check out the race description and try to tell me that it doesn’t sound fun:

Ahh, Valentine’s Day….Either you love it, or you hate it. Run as an individual, team or both! Runners can self-select their “status” whether it be Co-Dependent (in a relationship), Stupid Cupid (single), or Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em ( . . . well, it’s complicated).  In true Pacers Events fashion, we’ll have a great post-party. Celebrate your love, declare your independence, or cry in you beer at our post-race party. Other perks include a fabulous long-sleeve, brushed cotton tee, chip timing, cool prizes, adult beverages, post-race treats, and more!

Have I mentioned that I can see the start line from my apartment?

I talked to the BF last night and he’s in.  And he’s agreed to pace me to a PR. The conversation went something like this:

Me: We should do Love the Run. It’s only 5K and it’s right out front.

Him: Sure.

Me: Wouldn’t it be fun to run it together, like starting and finishing together?

Him: So you want me to run really slowly… (*note* He runs about 90 seconds/mile faster than me)

Me: Actually, I’d like to run really fast.  Can you push me really hard and not let me give up when I’m tired? I want to see how fast I can make myself go. I ran the first 2 miles of the 9/11 5K with Laura at sub 10 minute pace but I was sick and almost died during mile 3.  I think I can push to do at least a 10 minute pace for this whole race.

Him: Sure. Why not.

Me: *Squeals in delight*

Him: *Rolls eyes*

/End scene.

So that’s the story.  I’ll be doing my first 5K of the year, right in my neighborhood with the Boyfriend.  I’m hoping it leads to a happy Valentine’s Day and not a silly argument on the course (or more realistically, me burning out after a mile and a half and forcing him to finish ahead of me).
Do you run with your significant other? Do you have any winter races planned?



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9 responses to “Love the Run 2011 – A Race with the Boyfriend

  1. I used to run with Diggity! Then the Disney Marathon happened. We fought during most of the training, and then race day was a huge distaster! So we don’t run together any more… (ok, every now and then we’ll go a few miles together, on a whim, but we don’t “train” together or race together now.)
    BUT it should be noted that he runs significantly faster than me – so he REALLY has to slow down, or I have to kill myself to keep up.
    We’re MUCH happier now that we don’t run together all the time!

    (Hopefully this doesn’t scare you – I know TONS of other people that can run with their spouse/BF/GF with no problems!)

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I’m pretty sure that we’re going to bicker the entire race, but thankfully it’s only a 5K and not a marathon. Its so impressive that you guys did Disney. I want to go so bad, but not actually do the Marathon, just meet the characters 🙂

      • That marathon just may have been the WORST experience of my life! A year later & I’m still not mentally ready to tackle another one. Someday I will though – I need to redeem myself.

        And yes, you should totally go to Disney – whether for “fun” or for a race, it’s seriously the BEST PLACE EVER! I absolutely love it there & we go as often as we can.

  2. Mr. C and I did a run together on Thanksgiving and he nicely asked me if we could run separately because I am too slow. ha ha

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      LOL that is usually how it goes with us. I run a 10:45 mile and he runs at 9:30 mile. I’m hoping we can both tough it up and make the 5k work at 10ish/mile. But I have a feeling we’ll give up quickly 😛

  3. Thanks for the congrats! Love the “love run” idea. What a fun thing to do together and I’m sure you’ll get that PR you’re hoping for. 🙂

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