Singing in the Rain

I was super excited to see today’s forecast: 53 degrees with a 40% chance of showers.  I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to start off 2011 with a run in capris and a long sleeve shirt. I left the house and it was a little bit misty out and I was thrilled.

But after about half a mile it was more like this:

Gene Kelly singin in the rain

Unfortunately, I did not spot any singing/tap dancing men on my run.

Thankfully, despite the weater.comFAIL, it stayed pretty warm outside.  I also managed to stay pretty dry in my New Balance Lightning Dry Capris. I am seriously fascinated by moisture wicking fabric.  Shirt: Totally dry. Sports Bra: Totally soaked. Pants: Totally dry. Socks: Totally soaked. Really, how did people exercise before this stuff was around? I was so completely comfortable in really crappy weather.  Technology is amazing.

Not only were my clothes comfortable, but my run was really comfortable. I tacked an extra mile onto each end my standard 3 mile loop, which was nice and added little bit of new scenery. And I felt absolutely great the whole time.  I went out with the goal of going REALLY slowly and doing a very steady but slow 5 miles at a pace recommended by the McMillan Running Calculator (suggested long run pace: 12:32/mile based on a recent 5K time of 32:14).  The first mile was just too slow. This was my longest run of the week, but maybe it doesn’t quite fit in the “long run” category.  Maybe until I start getting into the 8-10 mile range I should treat my pacing at the “steady state run” level, which is at an 11:25 pace and much more comfortable.

Mile 1 (warm-up) 12:11
Mile 2 10:04
Mile 3 10:55
Mile 4 11:07
Mile 5 10:48
Mile .25 11:15

I got my speed regulated by Mile 3 and finished up feeling great. I’m really looking forward to adding more miles as I train.

How do you power through runs in bad weather?



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4 responses to “Singing in the Rain

  1. Don’t you feel tougher after a run in heavy rain like that?! I love it! Great run you had there.
    In bad weather I think of it as an adventure, like I’ve only got 4 minutes to save the world.. It usually works.

    • Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

      I really felt tough! I forgot to mention in the blog that someone actually yelled out their car window at me while I was out “Badass!!!!!” as they drove by. It was what kept me from heading in early! 🙂

  2. I haven’t gotten into running just yet but plan to after I have my baby. Running in the rain kind of scares me though. I don’t know how well I would handle it. You did awesome though! Gotta love runs that turn out better than expected.

  3. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    And while I don’t know you, my automatic reaction every time someone tells me they’re pregnant is “Oh my gosh, congratulations! That’s so exciting!” so congrats! 🙂

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