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Registered! 2011 GW Parkway Classic

I wasn’t planning on registering for the George Washington Parkway Classic until after the new year, but today I started putting together my training plan and got excited enough to sign up early.  I cannot wait for this race.

The GW Parkway Classic is a 10 mile race and I could not find a 10 miler specific training plan that I liked, so I took the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon (2:20 Goal Time) plan on and tweaked it just a bit so it would fit my training needs for this race.  It is an 18 week program that consists of 2 short runs during the week and one long weekend run OR one weekend speed-work session.  The race is in about 16 weeks and after cutting the two extra weeks I only made two tiny changes:

  1. Cut out 2 weekend runs on days that I know I’ll be out of town and forget about them.  I really want my training for this race to be fun and I don’t want to get hung up on making sure I cover every single mile.
  2. To prevent boredom I took the two short weekday runs that are scheduled for 45 minutes each and changed them up – varying them from 2.5 miles-5 miles, with occasional weekday speed-work.  I’ll still get about 90 minutes of running in but the variety will hopefully make it a little more fun.

I know this plan is longer than most – Hal Higdon’s beginner half marathon plan is 12 weeks – but I’m someone who needs a plan to be motivated.  If this turns out to be too much or not enough, I have plenty of time to change things around before April.  If it works, I can adjust it for my half in September.

Now for the fun part: shopping!  I haven’t needed to run with water or fuel because my longest run to date has been about 6.5 miles.  I’m torn about what to get to take with me.  I’m leaning towards the CamelBak pack, which is a women’s fit smaller pack that holds 50 oz. (20 oz. less than the standard CamelBak) because I’ll be starting double digit long runs at the end of January and the only thing I can think about is how cold my hands will be.


What do you do to stay hydrated on long runs?


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Winning is Motivation

I have been holed up in a work conference all week, away from the internet and away from the gym.  On my breaks, I’ve been slowly working on posts about my first studio yoga class and my new obsession, Thursday night spin class. 

Today, I have the day off.  I’ve been doing laundry, running errands, and snuggling with my dog – a.k.a. procrastinating a very necessary trip to the gym. 

Thankfully the laundry is done and I just received some exciting news that made me happy and excited to get out and exercise.  I won the iRunnerBlog Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!  I’m beyond excited to try out all of the awesome products, which I’ll be sure to blog about in more detail than anyone needs.

Thanks Scott and iRunnerBlog for hosting the giveaway and giving me the motivation to get outside and brave the cold wind!  If you’re a runner, you should follow Scott on Twitter for great running blog posts and #runchat info. 


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Distance Running in 2011

Yesterday, I took the plunge and signed up for my first half marathon!  I’m so excited for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half in September! I know it’s pretty far away, but it sets the tone for the training I want to do in 2011.  Look! A confirmation email!

News flash: My decision to register this early may have been seriously influenced by the free Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Insulated Water Bottle & GU Gel 6-pack you receive if you register before 12/17.  If you’re on the fence about doing any Rock ‘n’ Roll event and are swayed by free stuff, check out their website for races in your area!

To say that I’m a planner is an understatement.  As soon as I decided that I wanted to do VA beach I realized that I wouldn’t want to go into it having a 10K as my longest distance race.  I also can’t really do a half before my first half marathon so I settled on using the George Washington Parkway Classic 1o Miler in April as a quasi-test run.

The GW 10 Miler is local and runs right up the Mount Vernon Trail, which happens to be one of my favorite spots to run.  Most of the race features a gorgeous view of the Potomac river and the race finishes up in beautiful Old Town Alexandria.

I plan to treat the 10 Miler just like a half, mostly because I found a training program that I love on RunKeeper.  I like the program for a few reasons: 1) It’s not overwhelming.  It has two weekday runs in the 3-5 mile category and alternates a day of speedwork and a long run on weekends.  2) It provides a good breakdown explaining why each run is scheduled and how you’re supposed to pace yourself. 3) A goal time of 2:20 is perfect for me based on my 10K times.  If the training goes well for the GW 10 Miler in April, I can decide if I want to recycle the training plan or if I want to up the ante for VA Beach.

Do you have a race schedule for 2011?  Do you pick out your big races early in the year or close to the event?


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Jingle All The Way 10K

I set up CarlyBananas a few days ago but decided to wait until I had something exciting to write about before going live.  This morning, in the icky cold wintery rain, I ran the Jingle All The Way 10K with my boyfriend and awesome friend Suze.Jingle All The Way

The race was an out and back on Ohio Drive around Hains Point, smack in the middle of the Potomac River.  On a nicer day, this is a beautiful route.  Today it was so foggy and rainy that you couldn’t see across the water and the race course was covered in puddles.  But the crazy running crowd braved the elements with bells on (literally – all runners got little jingle bells attached to twisty ties at packet pick-up.  We had ours attached to our shoelaces, ponytails and hats!) and more than 4,000 runners came out.

Unfortunately, we really underestimated the crowds and really had a hard time parking.  We ended up parking all the way out at 18th & E and had  a 20 minute walk to the start line which was  across a very muddy football field at East Potomac Park.  As we were crossing the mud pit we saw the crowd start to move so we just hopped in and started running without really stretching, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea in 40 degree weather.

Despite the weather and the crowds I ran a very consistent race and I’m quite proud of it.  I missed my Rockville 10K PR time by 16 seconds, which would normally make me a little sad but today I held a really steady pace for 6.2 miles – something I normally have a very hard time with (at Rockville my time per mile steadily went up by about 30 seconds each mile).


Mile: Time:
1 11:14
2 11:22
3 11:25
4 11:11
5 11:20
6 10:53
Final .27 2:37 (9:43 pace)
Total: 6.27 1:10:02

I wish I could take all the credit for my awesome pacing today was my first run with my awesome new Garmin 305 (I named him Artie) and it was so unbelievably helpful.


I think it will be tremendously useful as I continue my running journey.

I’ll leave you all with a picture of the worlds more horrible race shirt. It looks a little bit like the Jamaican flag threw up and out of the mess came two runners that vaguely resemble the ninja turtles.



Please excuse the bed head, there’s been a lot of napping here this afternoon!

Do you have any horrible race shirts? What do you do with them?


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